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Now What?

I feel like an old Army commercial - I did more by 10:30 this morning than I usually accomplish all day. Started the morning by turning all the calendars in the apartment to April, and making an omelette for breakfast. Took the DVD player back to Circuit City, and the guy at the returns desk was such an asshole that I decided not to buy the replacement machine there. Drove down the block to Radio Snack, and paid $30 more for a cute portable player with 7" screen, A/V input & output with cables included. Even has a car power adapter. Then back half a block to Petco for a bag of cat food. Iams has something allegedly perfect for my two felines. It's called indoor mature cat food, which means it's lower in things that will make them fat, randomly urinating, hairball-spewing old farts. Domino is in the neighborhood of 10 years old (the pound thought she was 18 months old when I adopted her in 1997, but I think she was older) and Pumpkin is pretty darn close to 8 - I adopted him as a kitten Halloween week of 1998. Check out their web page.

Got home and tested the now-charged bluetooth headset from yesterday. It works well. Unwrapped the DVD player, made sure everything worked, then set it on the charger just in case I want to watch on the plane. Will take my 3 Netflix nostalgia discs with me - Mildred Pierce, Grand Hotel and Hairspray. Can you sing "one of these things is not like the other"? :-)

Tested LJ's voice post feature, and it is very good quality for a cell phone recording. I am pleased.

Had lunch, and felt like I was still low on blood sugar, so headed for Piazzi's to stock up on Something Chocolate™. I got there alongside the entire 4-busload contingent of teenaged choir members. Needless to say, the chocolates aisle was jammed. So I detoured to produce, got a couple of oranges, bananas and apples and then wedged myself into the chocolate section. And was amazed to find eight whole Scharffen-Berger 82% bars. They have been hard to find lately, even on the makers' web page.

Currently listening to The Best of Shel Silverstein which brings back memories from unexpected places. So far at least three songs I had no idea he had written.

Next on the to-do list:
  • Enter my latest purchases into Quicken

  • Turn all the clocks ahead an hour

  • Email a couple of people about my trip

  • Record a voice email message to my aunt & uncle (uncle Dave has severe macular degeneration, so I speak my email to him)

  • Gas up the car

  • Drive over to scendan's for dinner.


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