Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short story about a long day

Woke up early, was up and out by 9, on the road to Morro Bay. 3.5-hour drive with a stop at King City Starbucks 2/3 of the way there because I was falling asleep. The mocha helped, but what helped more was opening completely both driver and passenger windows.

Got there too late for the 1 pm whale watch tour, which is ok because they didn't have one. Signed up for the 3 pm harbor cruise, then walked down to a place which advertised the best clam chowder bread bowl in town and had a singularly unremarkable clam chowder bread bowl.

Back to the dock at 2:50, waited for the boat. The whale watching tour, which had left at 10, was just pulling in, the handful of passengers looked wiped.

The harbor tour I had never been on, it was pretty short, we mostly only saw some sea lions and a couple of otter moms & pups. Nice to be out on the bay on a sunny, cold, windy day. Would have enjoyed it more if some sunscreen had not leaked into my right eye. This happened to me last time, too.

Drove to the motel, 1st floor no view, paper thin walls. Could hear the kids screaming and running around upstairs on the balcony having a BBQ. Took a nap for about 2 hours.

Dressed, walked the block to Dorn's, which the passengers on the harbor tour recommended. No wait for dinner, because it was still before 7. Service was lightning fast, so I left a 20% tip. But the pasta with mixed seafood had too many tomatoes, was soupy, and the pasta was undercooked. Chocolate cake dessert was not moist. The appetizer cup of clam chowder was excellent.

walked back to the motel, where I am now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early, maybe grab some incontinental breakfast. Need to be at the dock by 9 for whale watching.
If we see a lot of whales, maybe go out on the 3 o'clock tour too. If not, drive home.

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