Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Whale watching

Up at 7, checked out at 8:15, got the best parking spot down by the docks, and walked around, sat around, prepped the camera, spf-50ed my face, being careful to not put any in my eyebrows or where it would run into my eyes.

It took more than an hour to find a whale. Another hour to find two more. And then suddenly, as it was getting to be time to turn around, we were surrounded by a pod of about 6 Humpbacks, with passengers running all over the boat when just staying where you were was the best choice. I missed the best shot of the day when a whale right in front of me waved his flipper. My camera strap got caught on the bench. Got a lot of tail pictures and many hump pictures, but we only saw breachings from miles away, so no spectacular jump photos.

Drove back right away, had plenty of munchies in the car to not need to grab lunch.

Had a few scares, and I am blaming the Bonine. Found myself blanking out for seconds at a time, coming to when the car hit the braille dots or the fog line. Pulled off, poured water over my head (which helped) but stopped in King City only 1/3 of the way home for a light snack at Denny's. Made a couple more safety stops along the way. For some of the trip having the windows open helped, but not when it was 90° in the valley.

Called Janice at 4:30 left a message that we could get together at 5:30 if she still wanted to (original target was 5, she was going to be coming back from Disneyland). No answer, so I went straight home.

I felt buzzed. Took off my pants and took a nap. Domino stayed at the foot of the bed guarding me. Slept for 2 hours. Had to put my pants back on because it's garbage/recycle day tomorrow which meant changing the litterbox, collecting garbage bags, breaking down all the cardboard boxes from the past month except the ones the telescope came in (maybe next week - they are BIG and need to be cut down).

Uploaded the photos from the camera. Almost all the ones from the harbor cruise yesterday were blurry and overexposed. Don't know what happened there. Sigma lens may not have linked to the Nikon electronics correctly.

Lots of sequences of diving tails. Some cute sea lion snaps. And a video of a bunch of sea lions out to sea. We saw hundreds. No orcas, no gray or blue whales.

Siting here typing I still feel like I am on a rocking boat. Hmmm.

Dinner was a pot pie and ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
may skip BASFA because it will probably be a Jay Lake cryfest.

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