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The Weather Channel app said it was 90° in Niles this afternoon, but I'm sure it was into 3 digits. A steady breeze, SPF50 and a large-brimmed sun hat kept me ambulatory. After a lazy morning, I drove across the bay for Steamfest, Niles Canyon RR Co's special week of lots of different restored steam engines pulling lots of restored and partially restored older RR cars.
I didn't get there till 1:30, though I was in Niles parked in the main lot in front of the station half an hour before. I thought they had renovated the place to serve the stem trains from the town side, but they had not. By the time I got the clue and drove around I had missed the 1:20 train, and had to wait an hour for the last train of the day.

And I over-estimated the number of riders, and stayed in my seat the whole 45 minutes at Sunol, so missed getting any good photos of the train exchange.

And by the time I got there, there were only two kind of engines operating, and they looks a lot alike.

But the ride is always fun, I will do it the right way again later this summer.


More photos are here:

Got back in time to drive back across the bay to Mountain View to meet Janice for coffee and cod transfer. She and her current BF went fishing, caught more rock cod than they could eat, so she gave me two fillets. I brought a cooler just for that.

She had good things to say about the trip, and it inspired me to renew my fishing licenses. And look for salmon boats (rock cod is less expensive and a shorter trip, but I like salmon a lot better).

Home, took out the garbage, and am in the process of doing 3 loads of laundry. Dinner was hot dogs and macaroni and mixed veggies. There is enough left over for lunch.

Plans for tomorrow:
not BASFA - too crowded.

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