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The expectation was the air con installers would be here at 9, and be done by noon or maybe 1, and I would finish the day at the office.

They did not finish till 3. So instead of twiddling my thumbs at the office, I twiddled them at home, with an ice cream break. 

UPS lady called, she was all WTF about my not getting the refund check, and even more WTF when I pointed out that my credit card info was still on the site after I had removed it, the credit still showed but there was no mechanism for claiming it. UPS web site is built on the concept that the customers are all serial shippers and if there is a credit today, it will be eaten soon by future charges.

She will try to maneuver the $$ back into my credit card. Apparently the first time around she sent email to someone to get the check issued, but the email was never answered.

Since that put the card with a $5k available and the aircon cost $4400, I put the aircon on my Visa platinum, which also gives cash back, just not as much.

I actually did get some work done. Most of work these days is documentation. Reading proposed test cases from team members, reading specs, writing bug reports. I was able to log into my test box and prove to myself the work I did took up less bandwidth than what one of the SEs  did.

Looked up a new nail place closer to home, got dealt the world's most forceful manicurist. She did a good job, but she's no artist. The receptionist is to die for, but all except one worker is under 40.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I move the car to avoid Macy's parking nazi, and had dinner at the original Thai Basil. It used to be a hole in the wall, with maybe 6 tables. They bought the bar next door, and were only using the original space for prep and employee meals/breaks. Waiter was in his 50s, his English sounded like he was from India, and it took a while before he would speak Thai to me, but when he did it was obvious he is not from India. We had a nice chat about the coup and the corrupt government and how nothing in Thai politics these days is a win.

But other than that, not a great meal. Beef satay was not recognizable, pressed meat substance on a stick, the peanut sauce had no peanuts, it looked like they used ketchup in it. Not any bite to it at all. total fail. Crab fried rice was okay, a generous portion with lots of crab, and all the bits which needed to be there, except the rice was broken, not whole grain (at least it was Thai rice) and it needed fish sauce, which they didn't have. He offered sriracha, but I wanted salty not spicy. Sticky rice & mango was lousy. Over-ripe mango, a bit fibrous, the rice was a compressed rectangle with some sweetened coconut milk, way too chewy. But they had warmed it up so one gold star for that.

Home, the aircon was cranking, I had set it to switch to 74° at 5 pm. It is still warmer inside than out, but the mission was accomplished - keep it comfortable inside.

They said to expect a permit to arrive, I will need to call a state inspector to arrange to have it authorized.

Plans for tomorrow:
Duck out at 10:45 to meet the shower door installers between 11-12, which means missing the automation meeting, which is no great loss because Automation Guy will fill me in.
YOTB rehearsal

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