Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bull, Horns, By, Grabbed

The cardboard box withing the cardboard sleeve within the heavy cardboard box which the Celestron arrived in has been in the piano room for weeks, on the off chance I was selling the telescope or returning it. It was joined 2 weeks ago by boxes from Ikea, and this week by a few Amazon.com boxes. The recyclers will pick up cardboard which is in an approximately 30"x30" bundle, so I spent about an hour with the [aptly named] box cutter and did some cutting and folding and finally bundling. Took the recycle bin out to the curb and leaned the bundle up against it, to the consternation of the two next door neighbor barking machines, which had somehow opened the gate and escaped their not very secure enclosure.

Changed the litterbox, and took out the garbage, and wheeled that bin out to the curb too.

A few minutes ago next door neighbors came over to apologize for the dogs.

Plan A today was to go to the county fair, but when I looked up the calendar on the fair's app, it was Mexico day for music, and being the end of the fair all the large livestock was gone, and all that was left was junior and "over the hill" competitions. Not very appealing.

I also wanted to see Maleficent and Dragon 2, but I got caught up in Other Things when movie time rolled around.

Other Things being the cardboard event, and working on my long-neglected howeird.com site. I had not updated the page about where I lived since two apartments ago. Fixed that. Figure out how to find that page, win a prize. Also was puzzled about where the page about my piano went. I could have sworn I built one, but it's not online and not on my PC. I did find a Livejournal posting which said some of the things I thought I had on the page. I took that text, added to it, added the photos which I took when I was looking for someone to tune the piano, and put a page together, but I hit a bit of a roadblock - the bluebook4pianos site which used to list all the manufacturers' serial numbers now only lists back to 1950. I can't find anywhere definitive which tells me how old the piano is, and until I have that the web page is not ready for prime time.

Because when we bought it in 1967, we were told it was built in the 1930s. But the first time I had it tuned by someone other than a neighbor, he said it was from the 1890s. Big diff.

When it's up, it will be at howeird.com/piano.html (all lower case)

Another Other Thing was cropping and color balancing the photos from yesterday's Atari Day at the library, and I still need to put together a small bit of text to go with those, for johnnyeponymous's fanzine. I considered Science Fiction in San Francisco, but they didn't use the last two sets I sent them, and they only come out once a month.

I did get out of the house today. Looked up on my CU's app where the nearest branch was, and drove out there. Turned out to be inside one of the Yahoo! buildings, and it wasn't my CU, it was Star CU. I drove back to the Star ATM which did not need a Yahoo! ID card to get to, and deposited the check from the broker which finally arrived yesterday. I expected it to be sent from Los Gatos, and arrive Wednesday, but it came from St. Louie. :-(

Whatever. I have paid the air conditioning credit card charge with some of that.

In other finance news, UPS sent email, they had created an action item so I could "pay" a negative amount, i.e. get a credit transferred to my credit card. I went online and did that, in a couple of days we'll see if it worked. The end result should be paying off the fraudulent charge from 2 months ago.

Watched some TMZ, had a nice cold lunch of turkey bologna sandwich with pickles, and dessert was cherries and blueberries. Air conditioning - one less reason to go to the movies.

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