Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Atari Day at the Sunnyvale Library

Saturday June 14, aka Flag Day. Here are the flags I fly in front of the house:

Two countries which can't make Democracy work because money.

It was Atari Day at the library, the Digital Game Museum and its many volunteers filled the program room with desktop Atari games and people to keep them running, and the Teen section had four full sized arcade games and a row of computer sims. It amazed me how many grade school and preschool children were glued to Pac Man, Space Invaders and Breakout. There were also loads of more complicated cartridge games.

The highlight for me was a pair of talks by Atari alumni:

Don Kramer was the guy who gave us the track ball controller. He now lives up by Yosemite with his wife and tons of Atari "memorabilia".  He's retired, sort of, still repairing game consoles and controllers.

Al Alcorn was the real highlight for me. Al invented Pong.  He eventually became Atari's VP of engineering.

Between the two talks I made the mistake of walking to Denny's for lunch. It was very hot outside, and was about 7 blocks, not the 3-block meander I thought. I am sooooo out of shape. A walker would have helped.

I had the country fried steak, which was significantly thinner than I remembered.

On the way out of Alcorn's talk, a friend I'd met at last year's Westercon told me it was my FB post about this which got him there. Nice to help save the world just a little bit.

Home, the brokerage check was finally in the mailbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
County Fair or movies.
Deposit the brokerage check


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