Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Can Haz Dorz!

On my Showrz.

Was up and used the guest bathroom to shower because Roadrunner Glass was going to yank the craptastic el cheapo amazing falling doors Fuzzy installed in the master bathroom shower and replace them with nice solid non-frame sliding doors. ETA was 8:30-11, but I wasn't sure if that was a window or how long it would take. Luis got caught in traffic, phoned at 8:30 that it would be an hour. Phoned again at 9:30 from the store to make sure I'd ordered the bronze handles which they were giving him, and not chrome like the old doors are. I assured him bronze was correct.

He arrived in a few minutes, carried all the stuff inside and started to work, I held onto Domino, who was okay with being brushed for 10 minutes, until we could keep the front door shut. Then I camped out in the computer room and got some actual work done via Remote Desktop. Kind of amazing how much I was able to do from here. Chased down the team members who had clues about a complex test I'd been assigned, configured a lab machine in the automation department, and set up to send 64 video programs on 16 different channels. That took till a little after noon, I pre-ordered lunch at the Specialty's down the block for 1 pm, and Luis was done.

The instructions were to keep the bathroom fan on as long as possible (I also opened the windows to their anti-burglar stops) and not use the shower for 24 hours.

Went to lunch, was waiting for a text message that it was ready to pick up, which never came. They had simply stuck it in the pickup section. Ate it there. Pastrami on sourdough was pretty good. Their default bread is inedible, but the sourdough is good. Their build-your-own is almost adequate. Also had one of their lovely sticky buns.

After lunch went to the office, and finished setting up the test. There was a lot more to do than Automation Guy thought - between the time he had scripted the setup for the test and now the lab network had changed a lot and I needed to assign all 64 programs by hand, and mix and match HD and SD, plus 64QAM an 128QAM. Don't ask.

The point was to see no errors in the video streams with the new build. Which is what I saw, but I had to downgrade to the previous build so I could see there had been errors. And there were.

This took till about 3, so I missed the Mexico-Brazil game.

The rest of the day was paperwork.

Straight home after work, Amazon had delivered three items in one box:
- Wahl pet clippers purporting to be able to shave off Domino's mats
- A wireless charging disc to go with the wireless charging cover I'd bought for the Samsung phone
- The OBC CD or Aladdin because someone I know-ish plays the Genie and just won a Tony for it. And I think there is another South Bay community theater alumnus on there too.

It took a bit to try out the charger because it came with USB-USB cables, not AC to USB. Had to dig one up. It worked, once I found a reliable AC adapter.
Cornered Domino, who held still for way longer than expected, but the trimmer was a total FAIL. Couldn't trim anything. SO I hauled out my human hair cutters, and made a tiny bit more progress, but bottom line is I probably will call a professional groomer to shave her cowl area. Or whatever you call that part under her neck.

Have not played the CD. May bring it to work to listen to. 

Dinner was lasagna.

Watched the news at 8, and switched back and forth between Bones and Queen Victoria's Children. But Bones' writing was disgusting, so I found something with the Patemkin guy solving two serial murders with Sociology™ which hooked me till the end because I wanted to see if they were really going to end it the way they telegraphed it. They did, only worse.

Decided I needed some R&R so went to Cheetah's. Stayed for three sets, but couldn't stand the too-loud alleged music. So sad to hear so much crap coming out of such a beautiful sound system. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser lab, get that PSA test done
1-on-1 will probably be moved again
Maybe go to the library 7 pm ophthalmologist talk

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