Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Keep Saying I'll Keep It Short...

Then CDO* sets in.

Okay, short this time. Woke up way late, got to work at 10:30. Attended one mostly useless meeting. Guy Who Never Shuts Up was honing his "I'll just keep talking and ignore anyone trying to get a word in edgewise" skills. Had a daydream about trying to figure out why my daydreams are so compartmentalized.

Found a lot to write in my weekly report. Two bugs I filed have started wheels spinning in Engineering.

Didn't go out for lunch, had enough snacks and wanted to make up for being late.

Costco, because last weekend there was a guy selling granite counter tops. That booth was replaced by someone selling juicers. I don't understand why 40 people would stand transfixed by his presentation. Were they hungry for veggie sludge?

Walked around looking for butter/paté/cheese spreader knives. None found. On the way out picked up a pamphlet from the granite countertop permanent display, which was mostly useless. No prices, no details of colors, etc. Just a number to call for a free in-home estimate. I have about 50 sq ft to do, Lowe's would cost $3,550 for the kind I want.

Home, took a nap. Forced myself to sleep till 9.

Dinner was reheated frozen stuff.

Domino pooped in the livingroom by her scratching post. Almost didn't see it.

iPod classic 7th gen bought on eBay is defective. Have to wait till Monday for the seller's reply to my note.

Plans for tomorrow:

8:30, put out recycled soda cans for community drive.
Take Domino to Palo Alto for a shave
Community emergency preparedness meeting at 2
Would like to go to the Thai classical event in Union City but it's too early

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