Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One step forward, one step back

Too many people being wrong on the internet made me not early for work. :-(

I could not believe how many wrong answers people were giving to one friend who did not know what the Check Engine light on her car's dashboard was, or what it meant when the car is (a) running smoothly and (b) is scheduled for an oil change. She also did not know it is the Check Engine light. This is a person whom I previously thought was fairly technical, with enough intelligence to look in her car's owner's manual. Or do a web search.

And there were so many memes about how the Supreme Court has ordered every woman in America to have an abortion, pregnant or not. Two for undocumented aliens. By Tuesday. Hobby Lobby sells crochet hooks and knitting needles, by the way. But not wire coat hangers. Those you have to buy at Target, a company which does not get the irony of their name and logo being the background for an "open carry" event. It took 20 minutes to click all the "don't show me this" before I noticed the time.

At work, at around 10 the Man Who Speaks Softly and the Man Who More Than Makes Up For Him took me to what used to be the sales demo room but is now the engineering new product circuit board test room, and the latter showed me while the former took notes, how to test video. Way too many components in the mix for my comfort level, and Loud Guy's as well. He has no tact, talks loud enough to be heard in a room where six side conversations are going on, and I like him a lot because he says exactly what he thinks, and more often than not I agree with him. And when I don't I can still see his point. I was going to write up a description of the setup, but you had to be there.

It didn't work. Video froze, something made the set top boxes choke. We broke for lunch, I went to China Stix, which was a mistake because the new shopping center it is in, which is still under construction, had its grand opening for the Sprouts store, which should have waited until the parking lot was done and more than two entrances were open.

Back to work, I got a stream going on my first try, but after that the video switch locked up and I didn't have the password to access it, and the loud guy ignored my email.

The rest of the day was mostly wasted. The 4 pm meeting was canceled with no notice, and my 1-on-1 was canceled 20 minutes before it was due to start.

Called back the aircon people, turns out they got the serial number on my home wrong, and need it for the permit. Which they should have processed two weeks ago. I will call them back with that tomorrow.

Left at 5:30, with the plan to go to Sunnyvale to get my nails done. The place has a small but usually adequate parking lot, but not today. Today Sunnyvale blocked off the next street over, set up a bandstand and invited people to bring their lawn chairs and dancing shoes. Traffic was snarled, the police were all listening to the concert. Parking was a mess, I was lucky to find a spot on the street a block away in the other direction.

Got to the manicure place and all the stations were full. That was 6 pm. But the DDG woman in a very short sleeveless pants dress said they had space in an hour. So I walked to the concert, walked the full length of the blocked-off area on both sides, found a place to stand and take in the wide variety of people dancing, taking selfies, making camera vids and being too buzzed to care. The band was very good, the crowd was well behaved, and the restaurants along Murphy were doing a huge business.

6:50, back to the nails place, was taken care of after 5 minutes by a woman who could have done a manicure in her sleep. You know those people who do something so well they make it look easy? Her. She even caught on without me pointing them out that the last place had cut through my nail at what was then the cuticle line (it has grown out about 1/4") and another finger had an ingrown nail from the last place not trimming the sides correctly. She fixed both of those. She skipped a couple of steps in the buffing and polishing department which have always struck me as needless, and we were done in 40 minutes instead of the usual hour. They look fine, I'll go back there in 2 weeks. But not on a Wednesday.

Home, two boxes on the carport steps and one by the front door. Squeegee for the shower doors & bathroom mirror and maybe the windows. 40 lbs of bird seed, which I opened and re-filled the feeder. Two packages of 100 Internet postage label sheets, two labels fit on a sheet. That's maybe 3 years' worth unless I really step up my eBay sales.

Still en route are:
A euphonium (used, slightly battered but not deep fried or baked)
An iPod touch 4th gen (the last ones with the wide Apple connector)
Three 5-lb bags of rye flour
6 litterbox cartridges
A Tim Howard goalie jersey knock-off copy

I really need to stop spending money until after Worldcon.

Dinner was a couple of personal sized Red Baron pizzas, which were way too mediocre to buy more of, but I still have another package to eat some other time.

Watched two episodes of TMZ.

This morning I took some photos of Domino on the edge of the tub sunning herself.  She doesn't look as gaunt in them as she is because her tail is bushy and so is her head.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - meetings and end of a short week. Maybe do some video testing if Loud Guy helps fix what I broke
Bonny & Clyde The Musical at San Jose Stage (starring the guy who played Jekyll & Hyde with me in the musical of the same name. I see a pattern here.)

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