Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hi From Portland

I tried a voice post via the BT headset, but it got munged when the light rail train passed by. So here's what I said, roughly.

The trip to Portland was okay, except for having to wake up at virtual 4 am thanks to Daylight Spending Time. Got to the airport a comfortable 45 minutes before boarding, the plane was on time, and the only nasty was I popped a button on my shirt. Still need to find a needle and thread kit.

The plane left 5 minutes late, but arrived 15 minutes early. The flight was highly annoying because the Child From Hell sat behind me, and his mother spoke to him politely, so he refused to stop kicking my seat or playing with his tray. And he shouted "mommy mommy" through the entire flight, getting louder and louder. About 20 minutes before landing we hit a huge lump of turbulence, which is when the kid decided he wanted to walk around instead of stay strapped in. He repeated this performance on final landing, and the flight attendant had a challenge getting the little monster strapped in. Mommy held him in place till we were at the gate. This may be Karma - I was that kind of kid, except they did not have easily accessible air flights back then.

I was hoping to check my bag and take light rail into town, but when the machine spit out my boarding pass nit said they don't accept luggage more than 4 hours before departure. So I went to the reserved rental car and drove downtown. It was not as smooth as it could have been - I forgot I was on 205 not 5,  and ignored the first two exits, which are the only ones to Portland. So I did a U-turn and got on Hwy 26. Should have held out for Hwy 30. Anyhow, eventually I found a parking lot across the street from Hung Far Low. That esteemed eatery is boarded up now, but the sign is still there. Someone erased the last 5 letters of the word "cocktails" which is at the bottom of the sign. I'll post pictures later.

Walked to Burnside Bridge, which is under serious construction, and went to the Skidmore market, which is your basic art & wine festival, only without the wine. And it's every weekend, rain or drizzle (there is no shine in Portland). Took light rail from there to Pioneer Square, thinking Powell's Bookstore was on that block. It isn't. My internal compass said walk back towards Burnside, and lo, there it was, on Burnside and 10th-11th. I bought a book and a T-shirt,  then walked back to the car (which was only 6 blocks away or so). Had dim sum for lunch a block away from Hung Fay Low, and Louis'. Pretty good, though limited to the basics.

Parked my camera and took the laptop out of the car, walked back to light rail, and took it back to Pioneer Square, where I am now sitting in Portland's first Starbuck's, having a mocha and some online time. I think I may sign up for the mobile hot spot thing.

The rest of the day I'll hang around, explore Portland on light rail, and get my buns back to the airport in time for my 8 pm flight to the coast



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