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Work, Meetup

Got lots of work done at work, showed some of the team how the demo room is set up. Took photos and started documenting.

After work, home, Euphonium from eBay was at the door. Asshat had taken two Home Depot shipping boxes, one on bottom, one on top, taped them together in the center, inserted the horn & case, filled it with styrofoam peanuts and GLUED THE FLAPS SHUT TOP AND BOTTOM! I had to cut the thing open, so much for being able to use the box to return the item if I needed to, or to ship another horn. Took me half an hour to get the horn out, and gather up the pile of peanuts and put them back in the box. The good news is this will save about $50 in peanuts for my eBay orders.

Done just in time to get to the 7:30 meetup of "songwriters and producers" which was actually at 7:15, I missed the memo when they changed the time. They were discussing one guy's lyrics. I couldn't read them (screen was too far away). Nutshell, some talented people, the only commercially viable song was the last one, from the organizer, and there was one from a couple who are folksinger style, which would work fine at any small venue or song circle. Two guys played some amazingly well done electronic instrumentals, one could be a movie score or video game loop, the other was like Carmina Burana done with multi-track synthesizer. The host (it's a guitar studio but he has All The Stuff) gave us an over-produced, under-lyricized clone of Day-o. Except is was supposed to be a happy joy joy number.

All in all a good time, supportive constructive suggestions from everyone for everyone, well moderated by a definitely eye candy talent.

I didn't bring anything, because I thought my tunes were accessible on my web site, but they are an RSS feed, and I couldn't figure out how to play any of them, so I didn't mention it. Next month I'll provide some comic relief because the one thing missing from this round was novelty song.

Home, UPS made a second drop, two jeans shorts and a box of clothes hangers which I had tried to cancel (they were in my Amazon cart when I ordered something else). The Wrangler shorts are great, but the Levis are crap - thin material, poorly made seams, the closure button hole won't last a week. So those are going back tomorrow, except for the wranglers, of which I will order another pair of. Of.

And while putting the wranglers in the closet, saw that Domino had pooped in the bedroom. Damn. She is crapping everywhere. Doesn't matter how clean her litterbox is. They are big, too, makes me wonder if there's a stray dog in the house which snuck in somehow and has a Sekrit Hyding PLace. It's frustrating because she won't understand what she is being punished for, and she is immune to all the chemical sprays and stream cleaners. Grrrrr. I would take her to a vet, but for $300 the vet would tell me she's an old cat, and old cats do this.

Which reminds me, I need to call the cat house to reserve a spot while I'm on vacation.

Somewhere during the day I spent some Quality time entering all my travel and hotel times into Google Calendar, color coding the train trips green and the hotels light blue. No color for con events.

The euphonium is a trip, it is an upright bell, the valves are in a different location and position than the bell-front instruments I am used to. Will try it out at the rehearsal Thursday night, I think.

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