Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stayed up till 3...

...creating this. It is something I thought I had done in the past, but what I had actually done was an RSS feed here. That was in 2006.

This morning I dug out a copy of the CD, and loaded it into iTunes and then WMP, but neither of the detected the CD Text, so I brought it to work where VLC showed the track list, and I saw that the one tune I've composed which is not comic is not on there. I know I recorded it, it was my first attempt to write in 7ths and maybe also 9ths. I still know 90% of the horrible awful juvenile words by heart, but I'm fine with them because I was a horrible awful juvenile at the time.

Anyhow, I did all that last night/this morning because OCD, I cannot stand to leave something unfinished once I have started creating the pattern. and because I wanted to be able to play my tunes for the songwriter's group, which put me up against a serious deadline - about a month. :-)

Took more photos of the demo room, loaded them into the folder for the doc I was writing at work. Lunch was at Togos, where the soccer game was on. Back to work to listen to the groans from the lab from all the missed shots. One guy, born in Jamaica and temporarily Canadian before he got his US citizenship was wearing a Netherlands jersey, which apparently he has to replace with an Argentine one for the final because he lost a bet.

Wasted some serious time trying to get the company PPT template to behave. Whoever wrote it forgot to override Microsoft's asinine Cabrini default font. Finally just fixed it manually for just the one doc, and put together to presentation. Finished at 6:06, sent it to the Expert and his boss, and my boss who is on vacation. After I get feedback, or give up on getting any, I'll invite my team to a 20-minute presentation. Used to be I could do it at a team meeting, but we don't have those anymore without the two other teams. I especially don't need the SI team in the room, they will bombard me with stupid questions and waste everyone's time, and hold their own conversations.

Home, waited for traffic to settle down, drove out to The Great Mall to buy some British Pounds and Euros.  I don't know if the woman misunderstood my clearly stated "I want 200 of each. 200 pounds and 200 euros" or if they have some sort of limit, because she only gave me 140 E and 110 L. The good news is they are all in 5s, 10s and 20s. Last time I bought foreign currency they refused to give me anything smaller than 100s.

Walked around the mall, did some luggage shopping, looked for a Seahawks cap, but mostly wanted a HOWARD USA FIFA jersey. But I walked clockwise, and all the sports stores were just around the corner counter-clockwise, and by the time I got there is was past 9 pm and everything was closed. I could not believe how quickly and on the dot of 8:58 shutters were slid closed and kiosks were covered.

Home again, took a closer look at all the currency. The pounds were fine, but each euro except one was tagged by someone named Jose, and the last one by a woman whose name I can't remember but begins with M. How could the exchange miss that? Why would anyone write on money? Boggled.

Plans for tomorrow:


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