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Could be taller, could be darker...

My mother used to tell me she went to a fortune teller while she was pregnant with me, and asked what I would be like.
"He will be the Tall, Dark Stranger" they fortune teller replied
Then she looked again into her crystal ball
"Wait! Could be taller."
"Wait! Could be darker."
"Couldn't be stranger."
A busy Plan A- day:
Just after 10 am I was at Best Buy in MV, had to wait about 5 minutes for the second cell phone expert to be free, first expert was explaining in Spanish to a woman seated on the bench in front of him, and it looked like she was planning on spending the day there, going over every line of her 6-page, single spaced on both sides bill. I showed my expert the printout from their site, she looked it up, the Samsung S4 Zoom, got one out of the lockbox, but when she pulled it out, it was a camera. The image online did not show the very large lens. So, instead of saving $200, I ended up spending way too much on the same phone I had broken.

She activated it for me, it worked, I was happy, except this time the apps did not auto-load. For that I spent more than an hour on the PC sending "My Apps" one by one to the new phone, and if the app needed a login (like Flickr, Facebook, LJ, etc.) I had to enter those by hand. And discovered how many I did not know. And two which still had my email address/hacked password, which I changed on the PC. So now I have at least 90% of what was on the smashed phone. Maybe more, because there were a couple of My Apps which had never transferred the last time I change phones.
Then went nextdoor to BB&B, bought four expandable (26-40 inch) closet rods. Needed 2, could use 3, maybe the 4th somewhere. Also got a couple of little doodads. Needed a bath mat but theirs were too expensive.
Home, had some lunch, played with the phone until it was time to bring Domino in for shots @ Petco Sunnyvale. She was pretty quiet on the trip there & back, but meowed all the time as soon as we got into the store. Small as she is, most of the dogs in line with us were smaller than her. Plan A was to get the whole package of shots, but the vet said she is too old to give her more than 2 at a time, so we went with Plan A-, which was to skip the rabies shot because the last one she was given is good until October, so as far as the boarding place is concerned, she is covered.
Had just enough time at home to decant Domino and spend some lap time with her. Then it was back to MV for coffee & a chat.

Home again, installed the first two clothes rods, and unloaded the first 60 hangers onto the first rod.

Dinner was a pot pie, dessert was strawberries and cream.

The phone setup took up the time I was going to spend putting T-shirts on hangers, but I can do that tomorrow.  I have ~ 160 of them, and I like to keep them in groups, but that's been hard since the last move because the shelves are too high and cramped. Groups such as sci-fi/cons, places I've traveled, humor, R-rated, Thailand, theater, etc. 
Email from my UK family prompted me to list my itinerary, so now I have all of it in one place on Evernote, and in sent mail. The good news from them is I may be able to spend my first night back in London at the Forest Grove house. This is Special. When I started pen palling Viv in the 1950s, she and her sister Hazel lived in this house, which maybe 10 years ago her mother turned into a B&B. Hazel and Mum ran it together, and when Mum passed away a few months ago, Hazel kept it up. I have never been there, I've only been to Brian & Viv's house in Bourne End, which is near LHR.  The rest of the plan is to go to Brighton to see B&V's daughter, whom I adore, and maybe we'll go the next day to see cousins up North I have not ever seen, I don't think. At the B&B we may be joined by Brian's brother Howard, who originally was supposed to be my penpal, but he wasn't interested. I met him for the first time my last visit.

Plans for tomorrow:
T-shirt hanging festival

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