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Woke up at 7:30 with the alarm, tried to delay the inevitable by powering up the Nexus and searching online for something, but Domino climbed up her steps onto the bed and stared at me, just out of reach. I hate when she does that. So I got out of bed, did my usual morning stuff, except I completely forgot the PC, which meant I was at work at 9, which is usually my goal and rarely met. It also meant the PC was on all day, because it auto-starts at 6:30 every morning. And today it was very hot and unusually humid.

Morning meeting was run better than last week, stand-in boss learned from his mistake and did not call on Lecture Mode Man From Upstairs until all of our team's projects were discussed. LMMFU was royally pissed off by that, and he took it out on us by yelling that training us on his product is not his job (even though it definitely is, because he borrows some of us for weeks to work on his product) which made The Guy Who Never Shuts Up launch into a tirade about not needing to be trained, he will learn it himself (which is not strictly true). Moderator was saved by the bell - another team had reserved the room for the following hour, and protocol is when "next!" opens the door, y'all leave. LMMFU stomped out in a huff because he got cut off in mid-tirade.

It would have been a totally boring rest of the day, but we got a new build for the new product, and there were some installation instructions Engineering forgot to give us, because the manager thought they had fixed that.

One of the side effects of re-installing all my phone apps is the ones which have automatic noisemaking "notifications" make automatic noises. As I'm talking to Automation Guy, eBay "items ending soon" chimed at me for two things which would end in 14 hours (WTF?), Facebook wanted me to sync with my contacts list, and two people had looked at my LinkedIn profile. One of them left an endorsement for me for a skill he really doesn't know I had. My lab manager from 1983, who knew me as a hardware repair tech for things like terminals, printers, plotters and early PCs. The endorsement was for Internet Video. It was nice to see him there, he was one of the best people to work with. He had built an electric car out of a VW bug shell, lots of 12V car batteries and the starter for a commercial jet engine as the motor. At the time he held the world distance record for electric cars, a record which wasn't broken for many years.

Had time to do a search, and had my brain jogged - the last time I needed a cell phone repaired, it was done in the Sunnyvale branch of Click-Away, but somehow my brain had blocked them out, and skipped to the time before that when I found a hole in the wall place on San Thomas Expressway. Both did good work, but the Svale place is more convenient and less shady. Good news is they can repair the phone for less than I can sell it for, bad news is they can no longer unlock phones, but good news is AT&T can. So I made an appointment with C-A for tomorrow, and went online and applied for my new phone to be unlocked. Once the first one is repaired I'll take it to AT&T and have it unlocked too, so it will fetch a better price.

I was going to order a SIM for the UK from the site where I got my Oyster card, but they won't ship it outside of the UK. Found a place in the US which will, but their prices were hard to understand. I'll hunt more later.

Came straight home intending to hang up some T-shirts, but got distracted. Home run derby was on Tivo, but the first hour was a rain delay, and they did not speed things up to make up for that. Also watched TMZ, did some Quicken work, faxed Domino's vaccination paperwork to PetHotel, had reheated corned beef for dinner, should have tossed that in a crock pot for a few hours instead. Tough as leather. Domino kept jumping up on my lap to get some, but there wasn't much to give.

Before I grabbed dessert I gave her the last of her latest can of food.

Also did the feeding of the sourdough starter, which entails tossing half of it down the drain and adding the same amount of water & flour as we started with, which means each feeding it grows half again as much as before. Even though I had stupidly used tap water last night, there was actual yeast activity in both jars. Oh yeah, last night I did not throw half down the drain, I doubled down, pouring half into a second container and adding the same amount to both. One more feeding tomorrow, then let it rest till the weekend.  Tonight I remembered to use the filtered water.

What else delayed me? Oh, yeah, used the device I bought at Costco to wash the car. It's a brush with a soap compartment, on a long tube which attaches to the garden hose. Looks like it worked well, but won't know till morning, because usually hose water here is dirty. I don't do the hand drying thing, too much work.

BBC says they will TV debut the next Dr. Who on BBC One (after some cinema previews) on the day I will be in either London or Brighton (or both) with my Whovian relatives. Brilliant.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop of the phone for repair
Maybe hang some T-shirts


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