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I only have a week's worth of insulin pens, and Kaiser's pharmacy page says it is too soon to order more. It appears that the 3-month supply I was supposed to get 2 months ago was a 2-month supply, with zero slack. Which is not nice because pen tips fail and doses are delivered to the air. I emailed my diabetes doc asking for help. Kaiser will gladly give me one pen at a time if I need, to tide me over, but this is more like 10 short.

Made some more Loncon3-preparatory purchases. Visit Britain, The Official Shop of the British Tourist Authority, has dual-USA/UK phone SIMs, tickets for the Heathrow to London express, and tickets to the Eye. A little miffed because the Eye has a senior rate for which I qualify, but they do not offer it for July-August. Boo. Hiss. Perhaps they think we feel younger in midsummer.
Work had its moments. One of my Chinese teammates was embarrassed to have to ask me, because his written English is pretty good, if one of the error messages which had been misspelled and ungrammarfurcated was really fixed in yesterday's build. Looking at the new one, I saw the problem - they had completely changed from a generic "file doe'nt exits" to "Unable to find the .ext file". It's tough to figure these things out when they completely change the points of reference. Anyhow, I assured him he could close that issue.

Also found the kind of engineering fix I hate - instead of fixing the incorrect implementation of a set of  system requirements, they completely removed the feature. Some customers will not like that change, which is my main concern, but it also means they are rewriting the spec to mirror what is in the product, instead of vice versa.
And one of the things fixed in yesterday's build ate up a few hours, without me being able to replicate the error. This was one of those rare bugs which was found by the programmer, and fixed by the programmer. He included a detailed step by step procedure for replicating it, but I couldn't get it to fail on the previous release. This is one of my favorite engineers, so I emailed asking for help, which he promised to give tomorrow. What I like about him is, besides being very competent and hard-working, he is Old School Asian, which means he treats me as a Respected Elder, even though he's a couple of notches above me in education and org chartedness.  He actually bows a little bit when he comes into my cube.
My morning started by taking the road of a thousand 3-minute stop lights to Click-Away, which repaired the last cell phone I needed fixed. In that case I thought I was being clever to buy one on eBay for cheap which had a broken screen, because I thought I could simply buy a replacement screen for also cheap, and Youtube a repair. I do hardware, it ought to be a simple DIY. But it turned out that it wasn't that simple, so after reading blogs and looking at Youtubes, I took the phone in for a repair which, combined with the eBay cost, saved me maybe $1.25 over buying a working used phone on eBay.

This time I have already been soaked for Best Buy's full price, but looking at eBay I should be able to sell a fixed phone for 2/3 of what I paid for the new one, so maybe spend $250 to make $400.
Lunch was at Dusit Thai, where I tried the experiment on not speaking Thai, and actually got the non-spicy dish I had asked for. The manager is a very pretty woman in her 30s who wears a fancy traditional piece over her blouse with shoulders modeled after the roof corners of Thai temples. Very pretty. There was also a waitress there who has the most amazing little figure, but this was offset by a perpetual scowl and an aura of "WTF am I doing here?". Glad the one male waiter took my table.
After work, thought about doing some frozen foods and veggies shopping, but remembered the freezer and fridge are full of other things, so went home instead.

And after a short hydration break with Domino on my lap, went to work hanging up T-shirts. As it turns out, the distance between the newly-installed twist-to-fit rod and the shelf below was a couple of inches less than ideal. In an attempt to slide the rod higher, this happened:

Bummer. I decided to give up until I could get compression rods, found some fried chicken to warm up for dinner, and "fed" the sourdough starter (the new instructions say it is time to do this twice a day). It's such a waste, I have to dump half the starter each time, and add more flour & water. At least I am seeing some actual yeast activity in both jars.
Back to the closet, was able to put the rod back up, where I wanted it.

That's about 50 T's. The ones on the left are theater-related, on the right are science and science-fictional. Still to be hung (tomorrow):

are (l to r) misc travels, Seattle and UW, unclassified, Howard (shirts with my name on them), USA themed.  And in the closet on the right-hand side, there are two stacks of Thailand-Cambodia-China T's. and California-themed ones.

Tivoed on both the livingroom and bedroom machines the All-star baseball game, watched some of it while rehydrating, wanted to watch more as I hung T's, but somewhere about 3 weeks ago my bedroom unit lost its network connection, didn't have anything in its program lists, so it didn't record the game. I found this out when I tried to locate the recording. So instead, I had to take time out to reset the wireless adapter, re-aquire an IP address and start downloading data. It took hours. By the time it was done, there were error messages that it couldn't find the game to record, because it was already past the end of it. No biggie, baseball is boring. From what I saw in the livingroom, this crop of pitchers suck big-time, all of them started out with wild pitches, batters were doing a lot of dodging, and catchers were scooping up balls after a bounce or two. And every time the camera zoomed in on one of the combatents, he was spitting. Disgusting.
Plans for tomorrow:
More hangings

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