Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A full Day

Domino woke me up with a wet nose to the elbow, at about 8 am. Took my time, did not want to be on the road till 10 at the earliest. It's an hour's drive to Walnut Creek where the Celebration of Life was. Traffic was more than usually full of drivers cutting people off, and if I still had a temper and a .45, there would have been many shattered rear windows. My GPS kept warning me ab out traffic jams, but did not, as the manual promised, take me on a detour to avoid them.

Got there at 11 for the 11:30 event, found a place in the shade to park, and read some more of a novel named Nexus on my Nexus. Excellent writing, fully deserving of the Hugo it is nominated for. I may not have time to read any of the other nominees before voting ends at the end of the month.

As usual for a Peace Corps Volunteer alumni event, it started late. Which means the service at the Catholic church ran late, which probably means it started late too. Phil would not have been surprised, but he would have been mildly exasperated. I remember him as having much patience, also much personal integrity and consideration for others' time.

The Celebration was well attended, they ran out of tables and seats along the walls. There was a simple buffet lunch with massive dark chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Several old friends from the NorCal group were there, almost everyone I wanted to see. And no one I didn't. And I finally met his wife. I had no idea he was married, she was not part of his Peace Corps life, they knew each other from working at Wells Fargo, and her thing has always been Loaves & Fishes, and food banks, which they did together. Many L&F people were there. No one from Wells Fargo, his wife said. Not so strange, he retired 13 years ago.

Stayed till 1, when it was clear that nobody was going to use the microphone at the front of the buffet area. I had some interesting conversations with people I didn't know, and was touched that when I said my goodbyes, his wife's last words were "Please remember Phil".  That I will.

Drove straight home, took a nap. Domino kept guard. Needed the nap because it had been a fitful night, late getting to sleep, weird dreams, unfinished business. Slept for an hour or so.

Took myself to Lowe's in search of Thyme to replace the strawberries as ground cover, but all they had was some faux German stuff which can't handle full sun. I got a new variety of mint and some lavender instead. Maybe this weekend will look elsewhere for thyme.

Heated up some fried chicken for dinner. Domino has been obnoxious, pawing my leg when I sit down to eat, even after I show her it's not something she likes. :-(

Glued in my teeth, loaded up the baritone horn and went to rehearsals. There were moments of in-tunedness, but not many. My lip survived better than most weeks because we played mostly in my range.

Home, my t-shirt project is on hold until the spring-loaded rods I ordered arrive. The screw-adjust one I started with fell down again, with only about 50 shirts on it. It is now apparent that I will need to move one section of Shirts I Never Wear to the 2nd bedroom's closet, joining the Jackets I Only Wear When It's Really Cold. T-shirts will replace those.

In chemistry news, the sourdough starter is going like gangbusters. Tonight instead of dumping half from each jar, I poured it off into another jar, fed it more rye flour & water, and put it in the fridge, for one of the tuba players. She will trade me some home made jam, next week.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stir down my two jars of starter & put in the fridge.
Maybe my insulin will be ready to pick up at Kaiser.
If yes, also go to Medical Records to have my records dumped onto a USB drive.

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