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Hello From Somewhere in Oregon

Busy day - I went over to the work site, and was able to do everything I wanted to. I needed some help from engineers back home, and was let down somewhat - it took until after lunch for someone to get back to me at all, and another hour to get anything useful. But one of the engineers did get the last machine online for me. Sadly, they could have fixed this by just sending me email. It turned out to be laughably simple - and stupid. I won't bore you with details.

While I was waiting for the info from Sunnyvale, I was able to show live video playing on 10 channels, thanks to having brought my own set top box, keyboard and a portable DVD player which takes a standard video/audio input. I also gave some basic training to the two guys who will be responsible for the care & feeding of these boxes.

Took lots of pictures of the setup (I can't publish them, though, for business reasons) and when I got back to the hotel I was planning on going to the ocean and taking some photos there and in Bandon Old Town. But as I set the zoom to take a photo from my balcony, the lens broke. The zoom ring slipped out of its anchor - everything looks right from the outside, but turning the zoom ring does nothing, and the camera shows its generic "something's wrong with the exposure setting" message.

So instead of the ocean, I drove to North Bend in search of a photo store or maybe a department store which sold lenses. Didn't find one - it was after 5 when I got into town, and I did find the North Bend Mall, but it was useless. There's a Penney's and a Macy's and Sears, but just tiny versions. No photo departments.

That wasted 2 hours. Got back and was going to have dinner at the Thai place, but at 7 it was packed and they close at 7:30. So I went to the wharf and ate upstairs at "The Bistro". Which wasn't one. It's tiny, the menu is a chalk board with about 7 items, and there's a wine rack in the middle of the dining area. I had what they called "seafood stew" but turned out to be standard cioppino, and then bread pudding for dessert. Alleged bread pudding. It was a square of something made out of pressed WonderBread. The bourbon sauce was neither bourbon nor sauce - it was probably low-fat milk. The cioppino was excellent, though.

Went online and found both a Walmart in Coos Bay and what may be a photo store in North Bend. Their web site only says they are a photo studio, but their yellow pages ad says camera store as well. I should have time tomorrow to go up there during the day and see. It would be nice to have a lens that works, and be able to take some ocean shots. Sad but true, just before I left home I thought about bringing a second lens with me, and decided I didn't need one. Never had a lens break on me like that before.

A couple of observations about Oregon:
  • Too many smokers

  • People here gather in gaggles and show no clue they are blocking traffic

  • There seems to be no concept of Quality here

  • Lots of community theater. There is a theater in the North Bend mall! and another right off 101 as you come into North Bend from Coos Bay.

David Spade. Is it just me, or does anyone else find him to be one of the most annoying people on the planet?


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