Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Need to get my nails done

Yesterday, actually.

Got bored at work waiting for Engineer to help me reproduce a difficult to find bug, so started up the test, put it in the background on the PC, brought up a fresh Word doc and created my travel doc. I used to always carry a little notepad, and had a doc formatted to the 2.5"x4" or something like that, of the pad, and kept an updated list of all my upcoming travels, with logos of the airlines, train, hotel, rental car co., etc. Quit a miniature work of art. I printed that out, and glued it into the back pages of the note pad.

Did away with the paper pad years ago, now keep the doc on my PC, and on my phone's SD card.  So now I have all the pertinent info in there, the only thing I think I'm missing is the train # & seat assignment for my London to Brussels trip.

Finished that, checked the test, no error yet, went to Kaiser to pick up my insulin pens & needle tips, this time they gave me enough 9 packs of 5, each pen is good under ideal conditions (no wasted shots) 2 days. So, 90 days, which is what they should have given me last time. So I have enough of both kinds of insulin to last through the trip and then some. I refilled all my pills too, I should be okay there also.

Forgot, sort of, about the meeting which I was afraid might result in Guy Upstairs Who Mumbles storming out because Guy Who Knows Everything doesn't know when to stop drilling down when he has made his point. Thank goodness Boss will be back Monday. I went to lunch at about 1:45 a couple of miles from the office, the meeting was scheduled for 2. I left a bowl of cole slaw untouched so I would be only half an hour late, but when I got there, no meeting. Canceled by Guy Who Knows Everything with a note in the email that basically he was giving into the "small groups" plan Guy Upstairs Who Mumbles wants to foist on us, as a CYA for him and his team not doing their jobs.

Had a moment of Zen. Our Israeli hardware head saw my Hebrew lyric on my white board, and got the joke. It's the final chorus from a well-known Israeli song of the 50's called "Tomorrow". In the song, it's the dream that tomorrow all this war crap will become peace crap, maybe tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the song says, some future tomorrow. In context of the company, it refers to when our "notwork" will become a "network".

I was up too late last night, again. This time, a package from Amazon was much bigger than expected. I had ordered a recording of the 1995 musical Baker Street to see how the amazing Ray Jessel wrote music/lyrics back in the day.

I thought I was getting a CD, but it is vinyl. So I cleared a space on the computer desk L (easy to do now that I have another table in the room), moved the turntable from the home theater system I had never bothered plugging it into, scared up a power cord, RCA cables and a stereo RCA-to-mini jack plug and tried to record in Goldwave from the read line input. Didn't work. Photo needs an amplified input. Move the plug to the front panel mike input, and it worked fine, except for a major 60Hz hum. I recorded both sides, will filter out the hum later. Goldwave has widgets for that. Will burn a CD and transfer to the iPod when I'm done. Low priority.

Also to be listened to is a CD which came with a script from a fellow I cast in Arsenic and Old Lace at the UW in 1969 (we were in a drama department children's play before that). It's a musical parody on 30-minute Hamlet. Trivia time. The man I cast as Einstein declined, he was only auditioning for fun, he said. Cold feet, I said. I was all out of men, so I cast a woman. She is now his wife. She found me on FB.

And in other media news, in the background, a 7GB Quicktime file is in the process of being converted into blu-ray format. Little Shop of Horrors from the Sunnyvale production I was in. Music director and the guitarist put it together, and they will have DVDs for us at tomorrow night's viewing party, but I had promised to burn Blu-ray for anyone who wanted. He was a little late getting me the file...his original FinalCut file was 108GB, which tells me he doesn't know much about video production. The reason the guitar player was involved is he claimed he had the madd skilz to mix the audio, but when I played the .m4v file I could hardly hear the audio. I may have to fix that.

Watched some of MTV's Virgin Territory about four virgins, but they are all boring lightweights. Turned it off after 25 minutes. The Christian woman and her faux Christian fiance are disgusting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rocket Launch?
Shop for thyme plants?
Mulch from the dump
LSOH view party


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