Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Out of Place Holder

So I crashed hard last night just after posting. Slept well till a little after 3, my usual pit stop. A pair of strange dreams combining the Instagram "redheadproblems" and a redhead I know from a show we were in a few years ago woke me up. The dream was simple - I was seeing her from the point of view of the ground, as she swung on a playground swing (first dream) and then (second dream) did a series of aerial somersaults. In both dreams she was wearing a knee-length pleated dress, a dark copper color. In the second dream she had no underwear.

At about 4:30 I woke up, wanting a Klondike bar. I knew there were 6 in the freezer, and they are for low blood sugar episodes. I took an Hgl reading, 105, which is not low enough to justify ice cream, but I took one to the recliner and ate it anyway. Domino jumped up onto the right arm and rubbed her head against my arm till I petted her. I think she wanted some ice cream, but she won't eat it frozen, so I didn't give her any.

Watched an episode of TMZ, went back to bed. Woke up again at 6-ish for a pit stop, then fast asleep until the alarm & lights coming on woke me at 7:30.

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