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No Work Is Also Work

Before going to work I logged into VPN and confirmed that what I suspected was true, the test I have been running overnight for the last 4 nights was what was causing the machine to lock up. Emailed the engineers who are the experts on the issue, but did not hear back from either of them.

Automation meeting was 10 minutes of updates and 50 minutes of the Guy Who Won't Shut Up running his mouth. Note to boss: don't let that guy stand up and "present", you'll be there all day.

Automation Guy was asked by Boss to create a web icon for a page, I was able to show him how to do it. I made the icon, actually, all he has to do is rename it favicon.ico and slap it in the home directory. Magic.

Lunch at Sizzler. Not as crowded as usual, but customers in line chatting, and then not knowing what they wanted when they got to the cashier. :-(

Bored, decided to take the first steps learning how to write an Android app. Had enough time to download the API, SDK and workspace app, and it looks like the process does not require any programming skillz.

In the background I am downloading it to the home PC too.

The result of my AT&T phone unlock requests is they got it backward. They refused to unlock the broken phone saying it was still under contract, and gave me a code to unlock my currently active phone, which is really the one under contract. Not critical, when I get the broken one back from repair I'll take them both in to AT&T and see if I can arrange to not have to carry two phones around England. The routine they gave me makes it look like I cannot use the unlocked phone with the AT&T SIM. That doesn't sound right.

Ye Olde Towne Band was not as much fun tonight as it usually is because the city had booked a HUGE late birthday party behind the building, so I had to park 3 blocks away and lug by horn & stand (a major hill is involved) and it was very hot in the building, my horn was way flat even with all the tubes pushed in all the way. We worked on almost all the pieces for Sunday's concert, some we played through, others we beat up on the trouble spots, we skipped two or three completely which are easy to sight read.

Nice article in the latest Los Altos newspaper about us - click here.

Delivered today was the pretty blue Samsonite carry-on case with swivel wheels. Very basic, which is what I wanted. The clamshell opens out all the way, the main part has an X strap to hold clothes in place, the top has a zippered net and there's also a small zippered bag at the junction. I think all my clothes & meds will fit. Laptop & other electronics will go in my monster knapsack, which will be my con carry-all. I also have a knapsack which folds into a small rectangle which will go into one of those two. I'm not planning on bringing any checked bags, but I may change my mind about that.

Also on the porch was a better hummingbird feeder. Last night at dusk I saw a couple of hummingbirds take a sip from the feeder that I had there, which wasn't getting much action,and I saw why - noplace to land. This new one is smaller, but has a perch in front of each "flower". 

A day after vacuuming all the seeds off the porch, the birds have scattered more there. This in spite of the fact that the seed feeder is hanging over the side. The birds would have the make quite an effort to scatter seeds onto the porch. Will have to relocate the feeder. Don't know where, though. Low priority, will just not fill it for a while.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco shopping
Make some progress on the Little Shop DVD project. I need to add credits to the end of the clip, save it in blu-ray and regular DVD format, throw each into the DVD creator and assign chapters and a chapter menu (the one we were given has no sub-menu) and burn both NTSC and PAL discs.


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