Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Got What I Wanted...

why did it make me feel apprehensive and nervous? I had been expressing my misgivings about a major change in the way my team does planning, foisted upon us by the other team's manager. Got email from Boss to the team saying both managers were going to narrow down the list of people who will be involved with the change, and another message just to me saying I was out of the loop, and giving me several things I could be doing instead, only one of which was viable at this point in time. So I did that one thing, and will continue doing it until there is real work to do, or my vacation.

And even though I have OCDed the planning for vacation, including downloading the Worldcon program scheduler app, I am unaccountably nervous about the trip. I don't know why. As far as I know, British Airways from LA to London doesn't fly over Taiwan, Mali, Ukraine, Gaza or Tel Aviv Airport.

But I do have to say that reading about all of those today in the Bangkok Post's RSS feed filled me with dread. By comparison, the Thai dictatorship is peaceful and benign.

Lunch at China Stix, the parking lot on that side of what is becoming a huge shopping plaza is finally accessible, and 90% complete. Sprouts has opened, but the mad rush on opening day the last time I was there is now down to only 2/3-full parking.

Costco after work, lots of parking spaces, yet when I was about to pull out of a spot which was far from the entrance, some idiot woman vultured it. That seemed like a good time to check Facebook and email and Twitter on my phone. She left. But when I peered around the extra-long SUV to back out, there she was coming around the corner.

Home, put stuff away. I had bought what was on my list, plus a 64GB microSD card for the phone. It took a couple of hours to back up the 32GB card, and another hour to restore it to the 64. The new card is a faster level. The 32 will go back into the broken phone when it comes back from repair. Probably.

Did some video trimming to post something on FB. The finale and curtain call from my 2000 Man of La Mancha. I had posted a cast photo from the 2008 one, but did not have a cast photo from the 2000, only a shot of the finale, where several of the cast were backstage and a few were hidden. So the vid made up for that. I also posted the cast lists from their respective programs.

Dinner was reheated Safeway breaded chicken. Domino went ballistic trying to get some. Yesterday she pooped in the hallway again, with her litterbox cleaned the night before. After I finish this, I am going to relocate a few things and get the litterbox away from the air conditioner. I think the fan (which is LOUD!!!) may be driving her away.

Plans for tomorrow:
No plans. It is supposed to reach 100°. Almost got there today. Baking is out of the question.

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