Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Concert Day

But first, got clobbered at about 4 am by a very low blood sugar level - 64 and going down. Lots of ice cream & some raw honey topping were the self-medication. I don't get how this happened, I only shot up 120 units of low grade insulin, at 11 pm. Lately it has taken 150 at midnight or 1 am just to be around 100 at 8 am. All I can think of is it was a newly opened vial.

Anyhow, that beat me up pretty badly, so instead of being up and at the market at 10, I was in bed till 11. Took till noon to get ready top go out, which meant band uniform, fixodent and hauling the horn to the car. Got there at 12:30, got my favorite parking place. Forgot my Nexus, so had no Kindle book to read. Played on the phone instead, FB & Twitter & the home webcams.  

It was very warm, in the 90s, intonation sucked. My instrument tends to go flat in normal temps, was way out in the warm weather and high humidity. I did not play very well, kept miscounting things. Played a couple of short unintentional solos. :-(

One good thing is the tuba player I gave sourdough starter to at Thursday;s rehearsal gave me a slice of the bread she made from it, and a small jar of her home made plum jam.

If I do it right, Ranch 99 Asian market is on the way home. I stopped there intending to just buy banana leaves and (if they were available) longans. In a flash of inspiration, I bought a small rice cooker. I figured it would do a better job of steaming the sticky rice than my current arrangement. Also got banana leaves, because they only cost $1 for a big pack, and there may still be a use for them.

One danger of going to Ranch99 is they have some very tempting stuff. Canned crab meat was on sale for $9/lb. Cherries were $2.33/lb. But more dangerous is their dim sum and buffet section. Six sesame balls and a roasted duck (chopped) went into the basket.

Home, the air conditioning felt okay, but 78 is too hot, so it got plunked to 75. Slopped all the sticky rice from last night into the cooker, added water and turned the thing on. After an hour it looked like it was real NE Thai rice, so I put most into a container and into the fridge.

Had some CDs to rip to the iPod, watched some Hollywood Game Night on Tivo while eating duck & raw carrots.

Dessert was sticky rice with mango pieces on top, and a mix of coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk poured over it. Went out onto the porch, it was not dusk, and watched two or three hummingbirds enjoying the new feeder. One of them came within a foot of me, hovered for 15 seconds, decided I wasn't a threat and went back to the feeder. And was attacked by a larger hummer. Hummingbirds are, to me, a miracle. And further proof that intelligent design is an oxymoron.

The sticky rice was too mushy. I had boiled it instead of steamed it. This can be repaired, because the rice cooker is also a steamer. And all that really has to happen is for the rice to dry out a bit.

Once again did not touch the DVD project, or the sourdough project.

Plans for tomorrow:
Library talk by a NASA guy. Better than BASFA.

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