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Manic Monday

Click-Away gets a massive FAIL in the ticket tracking department. Two weeks ago I dropped off my phone to get the cracked screen replaced, and was told it would take up to 4 days, because they had to order the part. Last Monday they said the part had not shipped yet. Today at 1 pm they said it was still on order. I mentioned it had been 2 weeks, and the guy tripped over his tongue trying to come up with lame excuses. An hour later, a rep whose native language is Chinese calls to tell me my "computer" is ready to pick up. After work I go there, have to wait for 10 minutes for the only guy on duty to finish installing everything on the laptop of the dweeb ahead of me. But my phone was done, it did work, and they were only a couple of dollars above the estimate.
Work started with a new build, which a quick glance by the Guy Who Knows Everything (whom I think is being groomed to become Boss while Boss maybe gets promoted to Boss's Boss position) gave me the info that my Big Feature is in this build. Turns out only a few pieces are, but that's better than what I had to work with last week.

Morning meeting was minus the Guy Who Mumbles, which is rude because it was mostly about him and his team's intransigence. Boss' pep talk was "at the end of the day, we all want the same thing - happy customers." It was all I could do to not say "at the end of the day, we all want the same thing - to go home".
But System Integration Manager and I got to talk to each other about something useful, and he may buy us some software I've been asking for.

The rest of the day involved seeing just what had been enabled in my big feature set. First test I ran passed, but generated a feature request, which may be treated like the bug it really is.

Lunch was at El Pollo Loco (they just went IPO, symbol LOCO) because the very blonde newsmodel on Channel 2, Oakland's station, pronounced their name the American way. Probably thought they had misspelled polo. I love their chicken. Can do without their tortillas. Marvel that mac&cheese is a vegetable side.

Left work at 5:30, to get to Click-Away, and almost went straight to the library to be very early for the NASA slide show & talk, but went home instead to drop off the phone and give Domino some treats. Got to the library 10 minutes before the talk, but there was a long line, and the Library email had said nothing about the required tickets. Free was all it said.

Too late to do anything about that, and it looked like there was no room anyway, so I sat out in the courtyard and enjoyed the weather. Decided to still miss BASFA, and from JC's body count that was probably a good idea. None of the people I needed to hook up with were there, but everyone else was.

Home, did some mental juggling and decided the plan was this:
- Put the AT&T SIM & the 64GB SD card back into the repaired phone, which is locked and AT&T won't unlock it. I'll keep it as my home phone
- Put the Worldwide SIM in the Best Buy phone with a 32GB SD card I'd taken out of the AT&T phone to put in the bigger one
- Unlock the BB phone
It took a while and some web searches to get the whole thing done, but now I have a UK and a USA number for the World phone and my usual USA number on the AT&T phone. When the time comes I will forward the AT&T number to the BB USA number. They tell me that should work.
- After the trip, wipe the BB phone and sell it on eBay
- And I found a service which will send me an unlock key for $7 for the AT&T phone.

Put all my tickets and reservation paperwork for the trip and slid it into an 8.5x11 envelope, set it with the box of travel gear. Still on order are geek PJs for when I stay with the cousins.
Took time out from all this to sit on the porch and watch a pretty sunset, and observe the hummingbirds at the new feeder. In a day they had slurped up most of it, so I refilled it. Note to self: next time do that in the sink.

There were as many as 3 at a time, and I counted 7 in the neighborhood. Hard to tell them apart, because there are only two types, tiny and small. No color, no iridescence like the ones in Mountain View. And maybe half that size. I'm guessing they are not Anna's species, too dull. Can't find anything online. Maybe tomorrow will look in the bird book which is on top of the piano.

About an hour ago got email and a refund for a photo shoot I was supposed to go on tomorrow. Model flaked on us. My week for cancellations. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

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