Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day 2 @ Bandon

Got some more good stuff accomplished for work, by 10:30 I was on the road to North Bend where I found that the photo studio actually is a rather decent sized photo store. Bought what is now the standard lens for my D70 camera, technically it is used, but in reality it was plucked from a new kit for which the buyer wanted a different lens. I got it for about 25% less than the Ritz Camera price (I just looked it up), and there's no sales tax here.

Drove back towards Coos Bay and was caught by surprise that the turn to go to WalMart is in North Bend, while the store's address is Coos Bay. Turns out that some gerrymandering went on, and WalMart is one block past the North Bend city limits. They also had a Nikon lens there, clearance priced at $70, so I bought it. But when I tried it on the camera back at the Inn, it does not have auto-exposure, so I'll bring it back Thursday on my way to the airport.

Took some photos on the road, and a couple more at the work site (the new lens is wider angle than the broken one, which is nice) and when it was clear that they had disconnected my test jig and I couldn't test any of the work I'd done by remote from the Inn, I went on a walking tour of Bandon with the camera. Will post photos sometime soon. Tomorrow or when I get home.

Had lunch at the Thai place, and was served by the wife of the owner, so I got to use a little Thai. They were not too talkative, though, it's a busy place. The American waitress is a high school aged gal, she doesn't speak Thai, but she's nice to look at.

Tonight I may try one of the places along 101. Was going to go down to the docks for a sunset photo, but it doesn't look like we're having a sunset tonight. Too cloudy. It was a mostly sunny day, though, no rain.

Just found out that I have to do an upgrade on two of the machines. They could have given me this the last time I was here, but they waited till 6 pm the night I was originally supposed to leave. Sheesh.

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