Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rendering Takes a Long Time

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Was all set to be on my way to work at 8:30 when I realized the computer was still on, and I hadn't checked email. Good thing I went back, it had failed to auto-login. So I got to work at 8:50 instead. With my laptop, which I had also forgotten. The plan was to sit in Starbucks after work, and people-watch as it updated Quicken, Windows and Norton's. I did remember to not wear socks. I had my Tevas out to wear to work. There are a couple of heat rashes on my left foot which don't need to be inside shoes & socks.

Another day with lots of work, but today was more organizing than testing. Longest weekly report in months.

Lunch was at Starbucks. Lots of eye candy. Also many women who are way more tiny than my brain can wrap itself around. Caucasian and Asian women, adults, but couldn't be more than 80 lbs.

After work, back to the same Starbucks, with my laptop, and did the updates while people-watching. Well worth it.

Home, two deliveries. Towels from Target and "just crystals" to try in the litterbox.

Launched Nero, opened the DVD project I'd started, and added chapters. Less fine control than Corel, but thumbnails and no complaints about close-together chapter marks. And a "save" button which is active with every change. And after I chapterized the show and was about to put a mark at the cast list, there was no cast list. I'd used the wrong clip.

Still up at 1:30 am because I decided to start at square one, converting the original video to Blue Ray format, and will overlay credits in Nero. 2.5 hours to convert a 1.33 hour clip.

While things were cranking, I tackled a couple of projects. Got my computer-aimed telescope ready to bring to SJAA to be aligned, which included changing the batteries (8xAA) and scraping corrosion from one of the terminals. They had only been in there since May, and this is the first time I've had Duracells leak. It was only one, so not so bad. Also dug into my basket of assorted telescope parts and pulled out three eyepieces (4, 9 and 25mm), the camera attachment and AC adapter.

And I dug through a couple of bags of loose photos to find one to give to Middle Sister to show her son that Youngest Sister was very blonde as a toddler, because he's baffled how his 14-month-old is blonde when all the genes say he should be a redhead or auburn.

And there was Facebooking. This morning FB was down, had to make up for that.

Dinner and an episode of Virgin Territory and TMZ were in there too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Work on the DVDs
2 pm Hogue Park, telescope fix-it
4:30 Mountain View, Coffee date


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