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Mild feelings of anxiety on and off all day. While I am very much looking forward to being in England & Belgium and France the next couple of weeks, TSA Theater keeps me out of the sky. I used to fly a lot, but the randomness of TSA enforcement and the stupidity of most of the rules frightens me. I will be flying out of SJC, the airport which recently had a young man stow away in the wheel well of an airplane, and a homeless, easily recognizable woman my age make it through both TSA and SW Airlines "security" with no ticket, and only caught by the safety head count the crew makes upon landing.

That doesn't make me feel less secure. What makes me feel less secure is the knee-jerk reaction TSA is going to have, which will make it even more random and more stupid. They won't go back to normal for months.

Work was okay, I found a way to draw out the process of reviewing automation scripts, aka follow the official procedure I was not previously aware of.

Every time I took a break, there were people playing pool in the break room. It's amusing watching them, none of them are very good except for one of the Russians. One Vietnamese guy and one from Latin America think they are The Bomb, but they're really only slightly better than average. I don't participate because I don't like to play doubles (I want to take full credit or full blame for the outcome) and their doubles rules are whacked. There was such a crowd around the pool table that people played ping pong while they waited for their team to come up.
I was fading by 5 pm. Almost nodding off. Definitely because I'd been up past 1:30 am most of the week. So I went home a few minutes early, got undressed and hit the sack. It took a bit longer than it should have to fall asleep because Domino decided I not only needed company, she needed to climb Mt. Howard and sit on my waistline. Each breath I took lifted her up and down, which meant she readjusted slightly. Her paws felt like sticks poking into my side. Usually she lies down at the foot of the bed, on a fleece blanket she loves. Not this time.

She has been much more affectionate than usual lately, she probably can feel her impending stay in the pet hotel coming up. That's Monday.
If I hadn't been so sleepy I'd have gone up to Foothill College to see some friends in South Pathetic.

I did get up in time to sit on the porch around sunset and watch several hummingbirds cavort around the feeder. There were as many as four in the air near it at once, plus at least two more in the tree across the street and/or buzzing around the neighborhood. Whenever a car passes, most of them get spooked and escape the feeder and fly back to the tree until the car passes. Looking closely, they all seem to be Anna's species, but the size and luminosity range is wide. Some of the males are 3x the size of the smallest females. I've only seen one red neck, and no iridescent green wings. In Mountain View they were mostly bigger and brighter.
I have no solid plans for the weekend except to try to pack as much as possible Sunday.

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