Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wasted Youth

Wasted eldsth, too. Really made up for sleep loss this morning and was Just Plain Lazy to boot. Domino kept coming in and not quite curling up near me, which makes me crazy. If the light is on she will eventually lie down on the fleece at the foot of the bed, but as soon as I turn of the light she plop-plop-plops down the hollow pet steps and leaves the room, usually to curl up on the other side of the house in the only circular cat bed she ever uses anymore. She has 4 identical ones, but doesn't use the others.

PC project was to edit my calling cards for Worldcon, which meant adding my Model Mayhem ID, Twitter @name and Loncon3 logo/UK phone number on the back, and changing my talents on the front/bottom to once again include palmistry, and changing Bad Puns and Witticisms Witty retorts. And swapping the profile photo to a clearer head shot. It took too long because Adobe InDesign has some inconsistent behavior around grouped objects.

So now I have 50 of those which is probably 49 more than I will give out at the con.

Took off for Mountain View, which was very crowded. Nice day, temps only in the low 70s, stiff breeze. I found a parking spot near Starbucks and walked to the park behind the library/city hall and read more of that final Campbell novel. It is way too long. Only 50% done, it feels like I've read a whole novel and then some. Fantasy, and the author is making the rules up as he goes. I'm sorry it's too late to change my vote to "no winner". I will probably bail and switch to a non-sci-fi novel for the plane ride.

Met Janice for mochas at 4:30, we talked till almost 7, which scotched my half-vast plan to go to the SJAA meeting in deepest darkest south San Jose. Fired up the laptop and updated its Quicken data, and then copied my PC's Outlook data to it. This solves the problem I thought I had that all the tickets and such electronic versions were on the big PC in email, not on the phone or tablet or laptop.

Also got email from Belgian No. 2 that he will meet me for dinner the evening I arrive. CCed Belgian No. 1, whom I expect will join us. No. 2 took me seriously when I asked for a Thai restaurant. Between the two of them, they speak all the European and some Middle Eastern languages. Which I do not. But they don't speak Thai. Which I do.

Played another episode of Virgin Territory and one of TMZ on Tivo. Decided not to watch the Seahawks lose to Denver. Virgin Territory actually has its moments. There is one imbecile who is a virgin because he is Christian, goes to a Christian college, and is a total player. He leads girls on and then dumps them when they get too close. He has a killer body, rock climbs like a monkey and thinks nothing of a 7-mile run in the woods. One girl he broke up with because when he asked her, on a date at a tea shop, what she would rather do on a date, snowboarding or tea, she answered that she wanted to talk and get to know him on  date, so tea. He thinks he is super-Christian for tattooing a Jesus quote across his chest and a bar code (I don't get what that was for) next to it. Totally ignoring the Old Testament prohibition against marking your body for religion. Leviticus 19:28: "You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD." In Hebrew it is more clear that the no-tattooing prohibition is included in the "for the dead" phrase.

There is one guy who is no longer a virgin who banged a chick whom he claimed to want a relationship with, but as soon as his financial aid was approved, her dumped her to go back to FL to play around. Asshole. And there is a new addition, a very pretty but chubby redhead who thinks she can be a model. She had an el cheapo photo shoot done in a single bikini, and made a portfolio of that, then presented it to someone at a modeling agency, who did his best to not laugh outright. He gave her more hope than he should have. She could be a hair model, but maybe not even that because she has dull black eyes, and the market wants light colored eyes, especially on a redhead. One other new girl is downright homely, and thinks guys don't like her because she is flat chested. Nope. A boob job will not fix that face. A personality would. They dumped the tall black woman who kept saying "no ringie, no dingie". She wanted to stay a virgin until marriage as an over-reaction to having a grandmother who is young enough to be her mother.

Did the laundry. I was surprised how many shirts there were. Not a lot of socks because I have been wearing Tevas all week because the doc said the rashes on the side of my left foot were from shoes and socks and humidity and friction. Doc was wrong. Tevas are difficult for me to walk in, they just don't make them in my size. So it is back to sneakers and socks tomorrow. And today I went back to jeans (had been wearing jeans shorts for a couple of weeks).

Plans for tomorrow:
Start packing. I have most of the trip-specific items in a box on the coffee table and the carry-on is next to that. The box is much smaller than the carry-on, but there is still clothing to go in. I have maybe 25 T-shirts which I could wear at Worldcon, but need to settle on maybe 4, and a Hawaiian shirt. The plan is to have laundry done by the hotel the day before I leave London, which will last me the rest of the trip. I am going to try to do this without checked luggage.  One thing which will help is I can buy presents for the family at the con, no need to pack them.


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