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I keep thinking I am forgetting something. Because I probably am.

Good night's sleep, dawdled a bit before going out. First stop was for a manicure/repair. The last manicure ended up all broken and chipped, partly my fault, partly cheap acrylic. Discovered that the new Amazing Cuts across from the nearest light rail station also does nails. Huge place, busy though. She was a little rough removing the acrylic, and she had to cut the nails way short, but she did okay. Next on the list was a haircut, I could have stayed there but there was a long line and I like how Great Clips knows what to do, so I went there. After chatting away for the whole haircut, the nice lady's name tag was hidden by a fold in her blouse, turns out she is Thai. We chatted in Thai a wee bit, to be continued next time, I guess.

Home, because lunch (I will be eating out for the next 2 weeks, wanted to eat at home), and I wanted to do a dry run to the new (to me) park and ride. It's dead easy to find, easier than the one I had been going to for years, which is now airline crew only. 10 minutes with no traffic, probably 20-25 when I need to go Tuesday morning.

Home, relaxed on the porch and watched. phone videoed the hummingbirds, There are now about 6 regulars, as many as 4 at a time hovering. When the sun came around
I went inside and started packing. First up was camera gear, and I wasted some time formatting a handful of 16GB SD cards in the camera. And one CF card. There's a 32GB SD in there by default, I may not use it all, but who knows? Anyhow I have far more storage than I will need, which is the way I like to travel. Three batteries and a travel charger, the GPS unit and its connector cable, bluetooth remote shutter release and charging cable. Nikkor 35mm f 1.8 lens (50 mm 1.4 is faster, but not wide enough for con pix). Taking the D300s, even though it is heavier than the D90. And a Nikkor 18-200 VR lens. 55-300 is too heavy, and the Tamron 18-270 and Sigma 28-300 have not connected with the autofocus very well. Traveling light, no fancy filters.

The laptop, charger, mouse and neoprene sleeve were first into the dinosaur knapsack, along with USB and ethernet cables. Next came a change of underwear and socks, then the camera gear fanny pack, camera (with mouth cap) and zoom lens in a Nikon velvet bag. The rest of that knapsack will get meds and Hgl test kit.

As I was wrapping that up, I realized all my luggage tags are the non-con version, they don't have my UK phone number, and the headshot is a profile which is hard to make out. I couldn't find any more of the lamination kits (Scotch makes 5-packs) so headed for Office Depot, also in search of blue dry-erase markers. Found markers right away (they don't sell single colors except black), but it took a while to find the business card-to-travel tag kits.

Home, discovered the lamination kit needed a laminator machine. Boo. Hiss. I'll have to look elsewhere tomorrow for the kind I need. Probably won't have time to take these back till I am home from the trip.

Next was the carry-on, it has a mesh section in the top clamshell, which got toiletries, extra pair of reading glasses, 6 PAL DVDs (three plain, three blu-ray) of the musical and one Howard's Grossest Hits CD for the Interfilk auction. I was going to take more, but why?

It was tough choosing which shirts and Ts to take, and there was a bit of a panic when I tried to pack the magic towels for Shana, but that was because they are shipped in large plastic tubes. No reason to keep them in those, they decant into something the size of a car wash chamois. I was out of space in the main section with a T and a Hawaiian shirt still to go, but the stuff in the mesh was loose and rattling around, to those went in there for buffering. Managed to close and lock the carry-on, barely.

Now I need to consume mass quantities.

Plans for tomorrow:
Duck out at noon:30, go home, bring Domino to PetHotel in MV, then back to work. 

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