Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody...

..i got some money 'cause I've just been paid.

Yup, really.

But some of that $$ is gone because when I turned on the PC this morning and launched the application which programs the lights in my apartment, the screen went bananas with all the symptoms of bad video memory.

So I went to Fry's, prepared to spend about $100 on an OEM version of the $300 all-in-wonder card which is in the machine. But as I was looking at the various over-priced display adapters on the shelf, long-term memory kicked in, and I remember that the last TWO display adapters I had in this machine had done the same thing. Which means it wasn't the display adapter.

Before I put in the current display card, I had replaced
  • The motherboard
  • CPU
  • all the RAM

Since those were the only other components which could have caused the symptoms, I was stumped. Until I started wandering around the store, looking at completely unrelated stuff. And it hit me like a hammer that it was probably my power supply. Between the four hard drives and the power-hungry display card, the PC probably wasn't getting enough power. I knew I had either a 350 or 400-watt supply, which is pretty hefty. But looking at the specs for the hard drives, they suggested at least a 450 Watt supply was called for. So I bought a 500W supply, complete with SATA power connectors.

It took about 5 minutes to slap it into the PC, and it's been running fine ever since.

Other things I did today:

on Stanford's student radio station, and was impressed at how The Cardinal managed to keep the score close (10-3) for a very long time. And was not surprised when Cal ran away with the game in the final quarter and more than covered the 25-point spread.

Washington lose their Big Game to Washington State and go 1-10 on the season. It was a close game, though, they only lost by 3. They would have won had they been better coached - time management killed them.

On the way to Fry's I passed a fruit and veggie place which was selling shelled walnuts for less than half price, so on my way back I stopped in to get a couple of pounds. And bananas. And celery. And they had huge scallions, so I got a bunch.

Which meant I needed the rest of my usual salad makings, so Albertson's was next. Also needed bread and hot dog buns and croissants. Passed by the Max freezer and saw family sized lasagna on sale, so got one. After I bake the whole thing, I cut them in squares, put the squares in zip-lock bags and put those in the freezer. They re-heat nicely and make a good lunch or dinner main dish.

And yes, I did finally program the magic box which turns my lights on and off. And installed motion sensors for the livingroom and bedroom, though the latter may have to go, because the cats tend to wander in and out at all hours. They only work after dark, but still...

Went to my favorite Starbuck's for what will be the last time until next year because 2 weeks before effing Thanksgiving they hung Christmas wreaths and started playing nothing but Christmas music. I thought it might have been just an aberration of one shift manager, but tonight they not only were still playing the ugly music, they were wearing Xmas theme T-shirts and the barista was wearing reindeer antlers.

I brought along my walkman because I usually don't like the alleged music there anyway, but even Igor Kipnis playing Bach harpsicord numbers could not completely drown out a Motown version of "Here Comes Santa Claus", or Sinatra moaning "I'll Be Home for Christmas".

I was raised as a Jew, stopped believeing in organized religion and god a long time ago, so Christmas annoys me a lot. I spent a winter in Israel, and anyone with the smallest concept of the weather there knows it rarely snows, and there are no big evergreen trees. If you bother to correlate the story of the birth of Jesus with a Jewish calendar, you'll know he was born in April or May. All this jingle bell crap comes from our friends the Jesuits inventing holiday myths with which to convert the their buddies the Huns.

Anyway, it's disgusting, ignorant, stupid stuff and I just can't listen to it. Usually I don't have to stop listening to radio, TV or in-store muzak until December Fool's Day. I sure hope it's only Starbucks jumping the gun.

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