Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mostly unlagged

Lived today on PDT, no naps, only a couple of moments of pause. PO at 9 am, picked up my vacation hold mail - the carrier was suppose to deliver it yesterday, as it turns out it was in the carrier's hands when the clerk went to look for it.

In the mail were two "assessment" items. One was a bill from the state tax people wanting more $$ for my 2010 returns, which I was expecting but had forgotten about, a result of the IRS charging me for inheritance which the CPA told me (wrongly) was exempt up to $2 million.

The other item was a puzzling note from the county assessor saying my home was assessed with something called an "escapement", but the amount was 1/3 of the assessed value they list on the web site. I have no idea what they are talking about. I'll have to call. I shouldn't have to worry about this, taxes are paid from escrow.

Work was about the same as when I left, no new builds. Boss sent a list of tests which ought to change from fail to pass based on bugs changing from open to closed, but most of mine were still open.

The guy from upstairs gave a presentation on a new test tracking app. The worst app of its kind I have seen in about 10 years. And his presentation was pretty scrambled. Boss has bought into this tool, which is very puzzling because the one he created is far better.

Round Table for lunch, took home 1/4 of a small pizza. I love their pizzas, but the buffet gets soggy and there is too much pineapple and BBQ.

Home after work, watched an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, Kelsey Grammar. Turns out he comes from a long line of drunks.  There was a major WTF in the continuity department, they took him from Portland to The Edge Of Nowhere in Eastern Oregon to meet an Oregon Trail historian at one of the places where there are still trail ruts, though there is no way those haven't been landscaped. They could just as easily have stayed in the I-5 corridor for that. Because then they took him to Salem, and the place his ancestors homesteaded was only an hour south of there.

Domino spent most of her day in her bed, a good sign. Yesterday she avoided it, preferring to park alongside her water fountain, and spent the night on my bed.

I have a lot of photo processing to do, but no time till the weekend

Plans for tomorrow:
See the doctor about my foot
attend a preview of a teaching foreign languages class
Which means not going to band rehearsals and not playing in Sunday's concert, since I didn't go to any rehearsals this month

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