Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So, Somehow it is Saturday of a 3-day weekend

Just back from vacation I had nothing planned except getting my nails done.
So I got my nails done
Then went to Fry's and bought an 8-port Gigabit switch because the Surfboard cable modem/router I will be beta testing only has 2 ethernet ports and I need at least 4.
Home for lunch - a bacon and cheese sandwich
One last look at the Thai lime tree. It is well and truly dead. Burned to a crisp in 100° 0% humidity weather out near the storage shed for 2 weeks. 
Lowe's, they had several Thai lime trees, I passed on the one which had a lime already growing and picked one with a bud which looks like it will flower. Also bought a stand for it and a plastic tray for underneath, and some plant food spikes.
Also got a pole-like gadget to stick in the ground in front of the house to hang the bird feeder from, so the seeds fall on the ground and not on the porch.
Home, set up the stand & plastic tray, plopped the tree on it, pushed in a couple of food spikes, and eventually watered it.
Pushed the pole thing into the ground, filled up the bird feeder and hung it on the pole's crook.

De-bubbled the hummingbird feeder and watched a couple of the little buggers fight the strong wind.

And the rest of the day was spent intermittently watching college football,  processing vacation photos and putting them online here (clicky), updating LJ, playing on Facebook, and petting Domino who has decided my lap is just my right thigh. Which she fits on with room to spare.

Speaking of her, she now has established that the crystal litter is for #1 and the clumping litter is for #2 and the carpet is not. Yay!

Dinner was sausages and veggies with an ice cream chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:

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