Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Camel Back Day

Why isn't it the weekend yet?

Did some stuff at work today, mostly follow-ups from yesterday and last month. Tried out the new test logging app. It is horrible.

Lunch at China Stix. Beef chow fun is still good, but the place was almost empty at 1:30. I blame the messed up traffic routes blocking the entrances to the shopping center. They are about 80% done completely rebuilding what had been a place with a major supermarket and a Walgreen's into one with a Target and Sprouts and lots more restaurant competition, some of which is already open. On balance a major improvement, but the project has been horribly mismanaged, as if they were trying to maximize the random parking foo.

Home with a quick stop at Lowe's for a garden hose holder and a tall trash can to dump the clumping litter into (lined with a plastic bag of course) between garbage days. The tiny waste receptacle makes a mockery of the automatic-ness of the new litterbox. It needs to be emptied every other day.

Drilled pilot holes and mounted the hose holder on the front of the house on the side near the rose garden, took the hose off its reel and pulled it across behind the hedges, hanging the extra on the holder. Now I don't have to haul 50 feet of hose down the street and reel it back in each time I want to water the roses, which is pretty much every night. In addition to the two new red roses, there are yellow and pink and orange variagated ones blooming, and most of the catmints and sage are flowering. Looks good.

Caught up on TMZ, did not look to see which two Dr Who episodes were recorded (BBCAmerica tags them all as new).

Plans for tomorrow:

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