Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cutting Up

Got some Stuff done today. put a pair of sci-fi earrings in the mail to the wife of one of my UK cousins. This involved standing in line for 20 minutes at the PO as the three clerks contended with:
- The customer who had two oddly-shaped, poorly secured packages, one was about 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide, 4 inches deep. Packaging made from several oddly cut boxes taped haphazardly together.
- The couple who only had a couple of packages to mail, but 6,784 questions to ask, and no clue which of the 27 options to take
- The single man with two preschool daughters in leotards running back and forth in front of the PO boxes as he was in denial that he had waited more than 15 days to pick up his package and it was returned to sender 
- A family trying to mail something to India which is not allowed to be mailed. Each family member was talking at once, none were listening

Home, put on my sun hat and a sweatband, got the shovel out of the shed and the cubic foot bag of top soil. Went to the empty spot next to the hedge in which I had planted two small hedge-like plant which my sister the master gardener said would soon be growing invasively. One was dead, the other alive but not growing. I pulled them both out, threw away the dead one, dug up a healthy dandelion next to them, dumped the top soil in that spot and re-planted the one live plant into the mound of top soil. Watered it, too.

Back to the shed, got the hedge trimmer and attacked the two hedge bushes on the north side of the house. They are no longer overlapping the neighbor's property. That was hard work, so I went inside, sat in the recliner in front of the fan, turned the aircon down to 74, and watched Stanford not play like Rose Bowl contenders. USC wasn't very good either, but they won. In part due to a bad "chop block" call against Stanford which negated what should have been the winning touchdown. It wasn't even close, the guy burst through the offensive line, in between two linesmen. He wasn't really blocked at all.

Back outside with a black trash bag and a rake, and shoved all the hedge clippings into the bag. This particular hedge is very springy, so I was able to keep shoving stuff in way past what I thought I could. Hauled that to the other side of the house, it will live against the wall on the carport until next week because the garbage is already filled with dirt from Monday's gardening.

Back inside, cooled off again. Played online a little until 4, then took myself to MV and Starbucks for a chat with Janice. Not much new with her this week. Or me. Except she had to cancel Canada. I am so proud to have a friend who can do that. :-)

Back to Santa Clara, stopped in for a massage, now that my arm no longer hurts from the shingles shot. It was excellent.

Home, watched some of the Oregon State/Hawaii game. OSU was all set to wallop the Rainbow Warriors, but spent most of the second act shooting themselves in the foot. I stopped watching before the 4th quarter, but a quick search tells me that while the Beavers didn't score again, they still won by 8.

Listed the phone I used in England on eBay. Unlocked, it ought to get me about $500, but probably won't. I should also list the euphonium I bought there, but maybe it should just go to Craig's List or maybe someone in band knows someone who can use it. It needs work, some of the tubes are seriously bent. But it has a nice sound, just out of tune.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fuel the car
Buy ice cream
Buy limes (probably will have to go to a produce store)

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