Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


It doesn't feel like Tuesday.

Before work I was clued in by a Facebook friend that may favorite little theater is doing a pair of Alan Aykbourn plays I wanted to see. one is called House the other is Garden and they are done by one cast, simultaneously in two theaters. Pear Avenue Theater has leased another warehouse unit in the row in which they have traditionally occupied the last one. When I was in Bangkok I tech directed a series of three Aykbourn plays known as the Norman Conquests, which could conceivably be done that way. But these two were written to be performed separately together.

I made a mistake and bought a ticket for the Garden twice, because their stupid web page layout had the calendars reversed from the buttons to choose the play. The Person In Charge emailed me and was kind enough to switch one for the House performance I wanted. Disappointed that the talkback sessions are sold out.

Still messing with a somewhat broken machine at work. 1 pm dental cleaning, new dentist doesn't understand that I've been taking much better care lately, no bleeding gums. No cavities. Not much plaque except where my dentures pinch.

Stopped off at the Asian market next door, could only buy non-frozen, non-fridge foods because stuff would have the be in the trunk all afternoon. Had dim sum lunch next door, and keep forgetting that after 1:30 har gow has to be made special, and takes 20 minutes. The sesame balls were fresh.

Straight home after work, sat on the porch and admired all the new roses, and how the catmints really did what Master Gardener said, and are helping shade the roses so they don't fry. OTOH, the one bush which I'd pruned has lost all its leaves and I may need to replace it. Maybe next weekend.

Looking forward to the final month of YOTB. Rehearsal Thursday night.

So far my new OKCupid profile is only attracting scammers. :-( All the legit women want someone tall. :-(

Caught up on TMZ. Way too much Ray Rice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang out at Starbucks

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