Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I don't see no humps

Maybe I should post a link to Humptulips, WA. They have a lovely fish hatchery there. Or did 20 years ago. Yup, still there.

Yesterday I hit all the red lights just as they were becoming red, and some of those are 4+ minutes of waiting. Today I hit all the green lights, but also took the freeway, and instead of the usual bottleneck at the exit before mine, there was a bubble with zero traffic for half a mile. Carma.

Worst NFL joke of the week: They don't serve rice at McDonald's.

Work today included an FM repair. The M stands for Magic. Ever since I installed Build 9, my machine had been acting flaky, locking up, dropping offline, not giving me a prompt after I logged in. But all very random. It froze in the middle of upgrading to build 10, and then claimed to really have build 10, but it didn't. I had been blaming a file which I had uploaded, which I manufactured in Excel and then and Windows notepad app, to mimic the update log, except with 99 entries instead of the dozen or so it had legitimately gained. But this morning on a hunch I back-dated the machine to build 7, then back to build 10, reset a couple of the video ports and it now works just fine.

Tomorrow I'll try the massaged file again and see what happens.

Lunch was China Stix again because I needed prawns in lobster sauce. My childhood birthday treat was lobster Cantonese, but lobster prices have long since gone through the roof, so they have switched to prawns, with the same yummy sauce, which is basically thickened egg drop soup.

Walked through the HOT parking lot to the new Sprouts, partly for the air conditioning and mostly to check the place out. It is basically Whole Foods with smaller produce. Very limited selection of cheeses for a high class store. Not a single sugar free jam or jelly. Their house brand had the most bland, unappetizing labeling. I've seen enough.

Hung out at the Mathilda Starbucks until the horrible choice of noise coming over the speakers drove me out. And the 0 Mbps wireless. The laptop needed a dozen Windoze updates, and it was taking forever. So I went home and finished there. Also pulled out the Windows 8 machine, which took way too long to find the update app, and also too long to run the updates. It gave me grief because I had changed my Microsoft password (it's supposed to log me in with my local password, but it apparently didn't remember it). I don't like being logged into MSFT if I don't have to be. Which is why that toy has been sitting on the floor in the bedroom for a couple of months, untouched.

The only think on Tivo was TMZ, so that happened.

BBC 2 is showing a special tomorrow night on what's been discovered by satellite, sonar and other magic around Stonehenge, but I don't see it listed on BBCA. :-(

UK officials are all panicked that Scotland will vote for independence. I don't see a problem. Their money will apparently still be controlled by the Bank of England, and the Queen will still be their Head Of State. That's not what I would call independence. They already have their own parliament.

Obama wore a dark suit this time to threaten the Islamic Fanatics. He claims they threaten America, but they don't. They threaten Bush's Iraq, which became Obama's Iraq. He really needs to talk with Bush Sr., who was able to rally all of the Arab countries to fight Saddam when Kuwait was invaded. They need to wipe out these fanatics, not us.

Discover Card sucks again. I scheduled a payment for the total amount on the card for the day it was due, but they made the automatic minimum payment first, so now I have a $49 credit which I need to get back. And I also need to spend my cashback so I can close out the card.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsals

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