Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2fer day

Woke up at 9 but didn't get out of bed till 11. Some napping, some reading, lots of eye drops.

Finally ate the PB&J sandwich I made for breakfast Thursday.

Left at 2:30 for boss' party, got there in 15 minutes, the first of my co-workers, but not by much. As usual, excellent Thai food, but unlike usual, there wasn't a posse of Thai women in the kitchen to chat with.  So I mostly hung out on the stoop with four of my gang, and we traded information about the other test team, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they all have concluded that the other team's manager knows nothing about the technology, and completely relies on one of his engineers, who only knows some of it. And none of us can understand that manager, it would help if he opened his mouth when he spoke. :-)

They had a bouncy house shaped like a castle, and since it was also his daughter's birthday party (I think she's about 8) there were a ton of kids there. There was one mom who is just gorgeous, amazing eyes, skinnier than her Joe's skinny jeans. I didn't hit on her because chances are 95% she is married.

Left at about 5, home, watched WSU cream some small-town school's football team. Noshed on pistachios, which I will speed eat until the bowl is empty and then pour another bowl, unless I stop myself, which I did. Domino spent most of that time on my thigh or the arm of the recliner, loving being petted. This is a relatively new thing for her, she doesn't like a hand reaching for her head.

7, time to drive to Sunnyvale Theater. Saw a mediocre production of Gypsy. I knew most of the staff, four of the orchestra and almost half the cast. I mostly went to see s guy my age whom I met when I went to see a high school show which it turned out was starring his daughter. He was great, playing Rose's father and Mr. Goldstone, looking and acting different enough to pull it off. Nutshell revue:
-Mama Rose was a very talented woman, but she just didn't click.
- Way over the top directing, made the highly talented IRL June look like a total goof. The actress playing the part could have played it straight.
- Choreography was as good as it could be for a show where the script says the choreography is supposed to show why the act is a flop. The only place the choreographer got to shine was with You Gotta Have A Gimmick sung by the strippers, and it was excellent. So were the strippers, who were all gorgeous and great singers with all the right moves.
- Costumes were good, with the same caveat
- Louise (Gypsy) was miscast, a very weak singing voice, tall and slender with nothing on top. Gypsy Rose Lee was no Dolly Parton, but she did have some curves. And a strong voice.
- The orchestra maimed the overture so badly I cringed many times. The brass section sounded like they had not tuned up together, intonation was horrible. They drowned out the (miked) soloists half the time, and singers often came in late because the orchestra started weakly. I was in row 3 with a good view of the conductor, and he was hard to follow.
- No sets, just rolling wooden flats.
- The first act was 90 minutes, seemed longer. As with Little Shop, because the same guy was calling the stage cues, there was no time after a poignant number to let the actor bask in applause. Stuff moved as soon as the final note was played. I hate that.

Home, made a frozen dinner unfreeze, watched an episode of Restaurant Stake-out and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Maybe replace one rose and add one more catmints plant. Or move one from the top to the center of the plot
Watch more football


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