Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late in Late out

Got to bed after 2 am. Aside from my usual wake-up-to-pee breaks, I slept till almost noon.

I've had this Thing™ lately where each time I am about to get up to do something, I go into a mini-trance for a couple of seconds and it takes an act of will to stand up and do whatever it is. At work, in the car, at home, doesn't matter where.

I was hoping to watch a lot of football today, but out of all my Comcast channels, there was only a choice of two uninteresting games at 10 and the Raiders at 1:30. No Seahawks. Bummer. No Jets to laugh at. So I went to Lowe's and bought some velcro to re-attach one of the kitchen lights, a rose to replace the dead one and a salvia plant to fill the empty space in front.

And then to Starbucks for about an hour, but was driven out by loud children and their louder parents.

Home, watched the first half of the Raisers game, recorded, but got disgusted and deleted it.

Over dinner watched the 49ers game, which started well, but went seriously downhill during Act 2. Some day they will understand that running up the middle is a high school play, and only works if the team across from you is made of wimps. There are not a lot of wimps in the NFL. It also helps if the QB throws passes to his own team. Accurately. And holds onto the ball when he runs with it. Maybe tattoos are slippery?

Paused at 7 to plant the rose & salvia. After they were in the ground, I saw they were not quite where I planned on them to be, but moving them would risk stepping on the other plants so I'll just leave it alone.

Watered both gardens, took out the garbage & recycle.

Did some minor laundry, still need to order pillows to replace the ones I've sweated all over for four years.

Surprise package delivery from Amazon. This is the first time I've received a delivery from them on a Sunday. a box with a lot of filler paper and a box with 8 boxes of Swiffer pads. Still waiting for a Seatle snowglobe I ordered at the same time. And a CD of Drood.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, expect the beta cable modem will have been delivered, but can't hook it up because (a) Comcast hasn't added it to their List and (b)
BASFA meeting

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