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Last night football was over and I was done online early, so went to bed at 11. Read for 10 minutes (finished a short story and my eyes were tired) and fell asleep. I had just washed the pillowcases that day because of all the night sweats. Woke up at 11:45, the pillows were soaked. Kept waking up, at about 2:30 am felt really strange, turned on the lights, made an egg cream, turned on CNN (in Atlanta it was already past 5, their morning program was on). Parked myself on the recliner in front of a fan, turned the aircon down to 74, cooled off.

Back to bed at 3:30 or so, woke up a couple of times to pee. Sweats were mostly gone.

The lights come on at 7:30, woke me up, but I played on the tablet in bed till almost 9.

At work by 9:30, made a conscious decision to get to the Monday morning meeting late and sit in the back. There is nothing of interest to me at all in these meetings now that they are three combined teams, all with different agendas. Or I should say now that Engineering is not giving us anything new to test.

There wasn't much to do, what with no new builds, but one of the engineers asked me to work with him to troubleshoot a hardware problem I was seeing on my machine. That involved running some scripts and finally pulling a network adapter off the machine, taking a picture of the label and posting that to the bug report. It's the same adapter we used on the last machine, and I think he's stumped. Or maybe just surprised that it is acting differently in the new machines.

Lunch at the Great America Blvd Togo's, because there was lots of parking (odd, I would have expected more business now that the stadium is open and college is in session). No eye candy. There rarely is at that one.

 Left at 5:30, decided I'm ditching BASFA for Monday Night Football for most of the season. They have outgrown the venue, and the annoyances have overtaken the fun.

Straight home and switched on the game. Watched it most of the way through, but things got bad toward the end with bad officiating changing the outcome. They really need to change the rule that penalties (and non-calls) cannot be challenged. I don't know who won, don't care because the refs made the final score irrelevant.

Dinner was an omelet, because I keep buying "best of the egg" and forgetting to use it. Cut up some frozen ham shards, defrosted them in the pan and put them aside. Added margarine, poured in half a cup of egg stuff mixed with some lactose free milk. Tossed on the ham, a slice of swiss cheese, two slies of string cheese and two of American Singles. Cut up a handful of olives and tossed them on, cooked for 3 minutes, added thyme, oregano and ground pepper. Raised the gas level and cooked on what electric would call low for about 5 minutes. Poured out onto a sliced English muffin.

Yummy, and Domino got random pieced of ham.

Ice cream with sprinkles for dessert.

Fedex delivered the beta test cable modem/wifi router, and I read the box, which is ugly and way too busy. Scanned the quick start guide which doesn't have nearly enough information. I can't hook it up until they get Comcast's ok. Fine, it will be a lot of work, especially setting up port forwarding for the webcams, since the new modem will mean a new Comcast IP.

In other news, there is another rash on my foot, doc blames my shoes not having enough air circulation, so I exercised the credit I had on Zappo's and ordered an ASIC gel pair which has lots of mesh.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meetup meet-and-greet for a photo group which went on hiatus a couple of years ago, but always had the best models.
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