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Sleep deprived

Yesterday was nondescript. Work was helped enormously with a new major build for the main current product. I found a showstopper as soon as I fired it up, so now we're waiting for a second build. Lunchtime was a stop at the PO to ship an eBay sale, and while exploring a new route from, there to work, found myself near Levi's Stadium and a strip mall where I usually go for Togo's or the Greek place. Well, no more Greek place, but a new eatery called Bistro Siam. Set up with too many tables, in three columns, designed best for large groups. I had the green curry beef, which was served in slower than expected time, considering it was a lunch menu at 1:30 there were only 2 other tables still occupied and they were already eating. A scoop of not-hot rice stuck together, abysmal for a Thai place. The curry was watery, and the beef bits should have been smaller, but it tasted fine. When I was done eating they missed that fact because the staff was chatting in Thai about Americans preferring cheeseburgers and fries. As I left I said goodbye in Thai, and let them know I understood what they had been saying.

Home with a stop at F&E for ice cream & crackers. The plan was to make a meal of crackers and some expensive soft cheeses which have been in the fridge for too long.

Just before leaving work, we got the go-ahead to hook up the beta test cable modem/router. Long story short, it tool till after 2 am, with a break for dinner (reheated leftovers). Longer story, every wireless device in the house had to be rebooted, and assigned to the new network. Each webcam had to come down and be plugged into the router to do that.

Had to wake up sooner than I wanted to make it to a photo lighting workshop/model shoot at 10. Still had to choose lenses and re-pack my Penguin case, which was moved to my travel bag for vacation.

The workshop had been canceled because the model was ill, and my $$ was refunded, but then the meetup leader got another model to fill in, and comped me on the rejuvenated shoot. Good thing because the model was not very photogenic. I did learn a little bit about a couple of special lighting techniques, but we leaped from a single light to four lights with diffuser boxes with no explanation.

These photos probably won't make it online, I'm slurping them up from the camera now, will fast forward through them and deal with them later. I guess I owe the meetup one or 2 shots. Tomorrow.

Home for just enough time to pick up my ticket for House  at the Pear Avenue Theater. Very interesting concept, two 2-act plays which are performed simultaneously in different nearby theaters by the same cast. One shows the action in the house, the other in the garden. Very large cast. Three of the women are totally hot. I'll see Garden tomorrow. There was some fine acting, and some fine writing. Not as much humor as Alan Aykbourn usually supplies. Or rather, not as much clever one liners and more circumstantial humor. One of those bits involved all but one cast member carrying on a conversation in French for about 15 minutes. That's 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. He could have achieved the same effect in much less time.

While there, I tried to connect to my webcams, and found out that while they all worked with port forwarding at home, the port forwarding did not make it onto the internet. When I got home I shot off email to the beta program head asking for clues. That's a showstopper for me. I've found a couple of other bugs in the user interface, things which are so obvious they ought to be ashamed of releasing it outside their organization.

Home, watched some of the Oregon-WSU game, opened up two boxes of crackers (one garlic & one rosemary) and pulled out the two expensive cheeses. Sat down to enjoy, but the cheeses had both gone bad. So I resorted to canned cheddar with bacon, which Domino jumped up onto my lap to get at. Also had some Kraft extra-sharp cheddar.

Skipped watching the latest Dr. Who, and instead went to the Cheetah club, to watch naked women. After four Not My Type™s, I was thinking of leaving when they announced the next one's name was Mayhem. Turns out she is the artist formerly called Rain, who is the most amazing pole aerialist. Tall, incredibly strong body, graceful and has a lot of athletic moves up there. They gave her a laundry basket to collect her tips. Next one up was back to not interesting, so I left.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang up the basket of shirts for yesterday's laundry
Put away the whites which are in the dryer
Costco, need to reload all the soap-like objects
Pear Ave for Garden
Janice at the nearby Starbucks for chats. She thinks her computer may have a virus. I expect it is just child abuse.


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