Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another overbooked day

Did not get started in time to have my nails done, or go to Costco. Both low priorities.

Went to see the second of the two simultaneous plays at Pear Ave, this one called Garden. I liked it far better than House from yesterday for several reasons. One is all the fun happens in the garden. Another is the most tedious character owns the house, and it's where most of the angst happens. Bottom line is it is a very well acted pair of plays which is really only one play with two sets taking place in separate theater spaces.

One huge bonus is the house manager today was the incredibly cute, smart and happy to see me Elizabeth who was my director's assistant the last play I directed, and she has since become quite a good actress. It's always nice when I've been chatting with the people behind me in line and the person behind the ticket desk comes around to give me a big hug. :-)

There was a short talk-back session with the cast after the show, both audiences were invited. There were some fun revelations.

Got done just in time to be just in time to meet Janice for coffee. She also had some revelations. Like a hook-up with someone From Her Past, who turns out to be a shit. He is in the off-again period of a 22-year on-again, off again relationship, and in the middle of their date he wanted to phone a woman back east who is also on his hook, or will be when he sweet talks her into coming back west. She found him, of course, on an internet dating site.

Home, took a quick pass by Costco but they close at 6 on weekends. WTF?

The roses are out in force. Three pink & whites, about 6 yellow blooms on the short bush which is partly hidden in catmints. One of the red ones is still out there. The tall yellow one which has been budding all week looks like it will bloom tomorrow. Have to Facebook photo because big sister requested that yellow one, I think in memory of her husband. And bet me it wouldn't give yellow flowers a second time.

This is very heartening because I put a lot of work into the roses, nearly killed them at the outset, and they are thriving because I listened to my master gardener sister and the local master gardeners.

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on the garden strip by the carport. Things are green, but not blooming and not spreading across the bark ground cover. Not putting any more effort in to that until we get some rain.

In other news, it's almost time to start paying down my Visa card. It's at 0% interest, but work is starting to not be so secure again, and I'd rather pay it out of my paycheck than selling off parts of my IRA or meager stock holdings.

The euphonium sold, to someone from CT for an obscenely low price (my starting bid price). It took half an hour to pack it back into the makeshift peanut-filled box it came in, but it won't get shipped till Tuesday. No time tomorrow. Not goin by USPS, this will probably go Fedex Ground. UPS tends to break things.

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