Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Progress and regress

Work was strange today. Latest build broke something, but backdating one build and setting it up there, then updating fixed it. Monday meeting we all changed from our usual seats. I started it. Confused Boss somewhat.

Beta test guy gave a clue, which sounded strange but I said I'd try it when I got home.

Lunch at Togo's by Levi's stadium which had the added attraction that one of the cheerleaders and two of the field crew came in. She is in model mode, they weren't. Nice view of her, anyway.

Costco after work, Monday is pretty light during football season. Got everything I wanted except bleach and limes. Bleach was a 6 year supply in jugs too big to store safely anywhere, and limes have almost doubled in price, quadrupled actually because I can never use more than half a bag before they rot.

Home, tried the beta fix, did not see any immediate results.

BASFA, where I had a set of the Wordcon newsletters and one of the Finnish bid's genre marketing booklets to auction, but Diane once again brought her whole collection and took up the whole table with it. This time it was VHS tapes. Who uses them anymore? Not her, obviously. She would be better off giving them away the this weekend's convention. She continues to be a reason not to go to the meetings. Not just the inconsiderate using the auction as her personal dump site, a few other annoying things as well.

During the incredibly long auction I fired up my webcam app and saw the beta trick worked. When I got home I fixed all 6 cam settings, so we're good. I'm not going to keep this unit unless they make a couple of bug fixes and add a feature which shows all the devices on the network.

Triple fast forwarded through the Bears-Jets game, was happy to see the Jets unable to pull it out despite some major penalties and questionable first downs called in their favor.

Janice had asked if she could play DVDs somehow on her android tablet, if she bought one. The answer is not easily. The tablets don't have DVD drive drivers, and you need an illegal program to decrypt a DVD to a series of files and then another program to convert the files to MP4s. Then transfer them to the media/Video folder, which you may have to create,  on the tablet. And get a player like VLC to play them, and it may not be seamless. And you lose all the chapter marks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe ship the euphonium

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