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Ship shape

Two more bugs filed at work. Could have been 3 but I didn't want to be anal about the two symptoms of the same issue. Solved the mystery of why an automation script project which I just worked on yesterday was saying its deadline expired in October 2013.

Lunchtime took the boxed up euphonium to Fedex, where it cost about $20 more than expected to ship, but that just means the guy I bought it from ate some of the shipping costs when he sold it to me. It is going to a new buyer, who paid way less than it is worth, but that's life on eBay. Afterward went to Starbucks for a snack, but my phone app had somehow gotten deleted, along with my password, so I had to pay cash. I don't carry their plastic with me because I have the phone app.

Back at work I reset the password to something I can remember. I'm pretty sure I had done that before. The clowns at Starbucks don't let you set a hint or tell you what the password rules are until you reset the password. At least 6 characters, one upper case, on lower case and one number. I have a couple of passwords I use for that combo, but none of them worked. Hmmm. Nothing's missing from the account, so it wasn't hacked.

After work made a quick stop at the CU and got some cash. Broke the last 50 from my vacation money yesterday.

Home, the pillows from Overstock finally arrived, and the Asic shoes from Amazon as well. I was expecting the mugs from eBay, but they are still not here.

Went straight to work making Penang curry meatballs for the potluck,  after balling up a pound of ground beef it was clear this needed to be a double recipe. Which meant 12 leaves sacrificed from my Thai lime tree. And 4 tablespoons of curry paste, so now I'm pretty much out of the stuff. Mashing it into the pot of coconut milk it looked like poop. Smelled good, though. Took about 2 hours. The house smells like Thai lime leaves, which is a good thing. Let it cool for an hour before porting it to the ceramic pot which goes with the slow cooker. The lid didn't fit in the fridge so I Glad wrapped it. Sunday it can go into the cooker and re-warm in the kitchen during the concert. I hope it doesn't rain on us.

While it was cooling I watched Married At First Sight, paused it to do some stuff on the computer, so I could FF past the almost interminable BS at the end when the couples decided on whether to stay together. A couple I thought would stay split up, and I think it's because the hunk of a man could do a lot better than the chubby lazybones he was matched with. A couple which should have split stayed together because the absolutely gorgeous nurse couldn't bring herself to admit there was no future with a homely dork who lies. And a couple stayed together which needed to stay together, but the guy has a problem with a woman who wants to take care of him, so it probably won't last.

Plans for tomorrow:
Company picnic. I'll have some food,  take some photos, and grumble about how cheap they are being having it at a local park.


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