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Picnic on the Cheap

The 11 1/2 4E ASIC running shoes fit a lot better than the 10 1/2's. And they come with laces which are long enough to tie. I don't like to tie shoes, but my feet have a persistent rash which the docs say is from lack of ventilation, and all the Velcro tie shoes are solid leather uppers. These new ones are comfortable enough, though the arches are a bit much.

Work started well, there was some make-work to be done to follow up on yesterday's bug reports.

Company picnic at noon, once again on the cheap at a local park (free) catered by a guy with a single van, pretty much the barest minimum of food for that size crowd. We are now about 4x bigger than last year, having filled the upstairs with people from three offices which the new company closed down. In a few weeks most of them will move next door to a building which was bought a year ago but is just now showing signs of being seriously worked on.

There was volleyball, with special rules to make it move faster - a point is scored regardless of which side is serving, but making a point also wins the next serve.

There was softball, with special rules to make it less fair, and using a tennis ball instead of a softball. They had softballs but whoever was in charge chose not to use them. They also did away with the concept of a sacrifice fly. And there were about 15 people fielding.

I didn't take a lot of photos. I didn't know most of the people there, and the sight lines for the games was bad. Non-existent for softball because there was fencing to protect the spectators, and instead of using the bullpens, the players who were not fielding formed a mob near what should have been the on-deck circle, blocking my view. I did sneak some pictured of a few of the women I know in the stands. Got some good ones of one of the cuter engineers, but the project manager who is most photogenic was sitting with some tall guy between her and me, and he was leaning forward with his beer bottle in his hands, resting on his knee, hiding her face half the time.

Things wrapped up at about 3:30. I had missed doing my nails last weekend so I headed home, with a stop at the nails place. The manicurist pointed out that having the picnic on a week day when most families could not participate was indeed cheap. I hadn't thought of that.

Home, did some round tuit things. Canceled and paid off my Amex/Costco credit card. They had screwed me while I was overseas, and after a month they still had not refunded the SIM card charge which had been denied while I was online but later approved, after I had made a duplicate charge on my VISA card. I am so done with them. The cash back is only paid once a year, and only at Costco, which sucks. And they were charging me a finance charge on the disputed charge, which they were not supposed to do.

Transferred the photos from the camera to the PC, and geotagged them. The GPS needs a new cable, and I have software which can tag on a map. Deleted the out of focus pix, tweaked exposures on a handful, cropped a couple and copied just the company people photos to a USB drive to upload at work. Did not include all the women photos, because one or two is enough.

Since I had plenty of time, after deciding not to go to Bingo, I cooked some roti canai, made some penang curry sauce to go with it.

While I had that on the stove, crazy next door lady came over with a large potted plant to offer to me. No thanks. I had told her the latest blooming yellow rose bush was planted in honor of my late brother in law, for my sister, and she misunderstood it to mean I wanted more yellow flowers. It's pretty certain that she would keep giving me things I don't want if I ever accepted anything from her. I'm sure her husband told her it was a bad idea...

Dinner was yummy. Domino did not like the roti, but she climbed over me to the top of the recliner and stayed there through the last 3 TMZ episodes. Her hind legs are not working very well, arthritis and maybe some muscle atrophy as well, but she is actually climbing more than she had been this year. While I was processing the photos she climbed the cat tree in the office, something she had not done in months.

Internet radio has started to be annoying. Two of the local stations have switched to a pseudo-podcast mode. As soon as I fire up one of them, I get the same "leave no fallen warrior behind" ad, and on the other it's a loop which plays 2 or 3 times in a row telling me that The Simpsons have been on the air a long time, and Michael Jackson wrote some song for the show. Not being a fan, I have no idea or interest in that. And it's not just when I turn on the radio, it's also at the hourly breaks, and sometimes it's awkwardly inserted between segments. So far my favorite Thai station has resisted.

Last night I slept much better than usual, I'm crediting the new pillows.

Signed up to audition for Sound of Music  in November. I may change my mind. My favorite music director is doing it. I've never heard of the director. It's one of the few shows I like which I have never been in. A check of all the other groups shows nothing I am interested in anywhere else in that time frame.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, pick up another batch of low-test insulin. Maybe bring my sharps container, which is full enough.
YOTB - final rehearsal of the year


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