Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Live For The Evening

Slept real well again, waking up 10 minutes before the alarm, and only once at night.

The street and the gardens were wet this morning. Next door neighbor's nurse said it was pouring at 6 am, but I doubt it. Traffic reports were long, so I took the back roads to work.

Not much work at work. Boss was out, but he shared his picnic photos with me, and I returned the favor.

Lunch didn't happen, I went to Kaiser to pick up a batch of insulin. They charged me for the sharps container, which they are not supposed to, but it was only $4.62.

My tire light was on in the car, which means that one or more tires is going flat. Pulled into a gas station which has an air pump (they all cost $$ now) and topped them all off. None looked low enough to trip the alarm, but after 5 minutes back on the road the light went away.

Was curious about how one roots a cell phone, physical connection, and found a good tutorial. Turns out I already had the hardware and driver. Just needed the clue on how to get into developer mode and what app to install. I'm not planning on rooting the phone, just wanted to know how.

Someone at corporate is coming in a week to tell us all about career advancement opportunities. For the most part, this is pretty useless, because what makes out product so good is the continuity - many engineers have been in the same roles for 15 years. As long as there are raises and bonuses, I'm happy. In Silicon Valley middle management is usually the first to go.

Home after work, watched the 2nd quarter of the game, but not on CBS. Domino parked herself on the arm of the recliner, then asked for a boost to the top.

7 pm, off to band practice. We ran through almost all of the concert pieces, some more than others. I hope it doesn't rain. Forecast is for summer weather.  Rehearsal was easy until the last couple of pieces, which were way too high and fast for me. Our absent baritone player made an appearance, this time on crutches and not in a wheel chair. And I think he has a new car, his old clunker convertible was not in the parking lot. Maybe he got a ride? I didn't stay afterwards to chat.

Stopped at Safeway for frozen dinners, also stocked up on French spreadable cheeses, ding dongs, jello pudding and cream corn. Bought two cans of what was labeled as sloppy Joe sauce, which I was planning on having for dinner, but the picture on the can lied, it was just the sauce, no meat. So I warmed up a pot pie instead.

Watched an episode of Virgin Territory which was pretty good. Two women got laid, two men didn't and probably won't. I wouldn't be surprised to see 4 new cast members next week, a complete rotation.

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