Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Turn Out The Lights

My lights went off ab out 8 minutes ago. I have them programmed to go out at 1:30 am to remind me I should be in bed. But I have no plans for tomorrow, so I'll stay up long enough to journalize.

Slept well again, but not as well as the last 2 nites. Up at 6:30. Read in bed till 9. Sully me, I wanted to be early to work while there were still bagels left. Got there barely before 10, and it was Krispy Kreme, not bagels, and there were some left, not that I would have missed them. There is no substance to that brand's donuts, it's like sugared air. The filled one I chose wasn't filled with custard as God intended, but with grainy sugary faux whipped cream. Whipped sugar. Gak.

There was a new build for the new product, and I found a couple of bugs but also closed a couple and passed a couple of test cases. And then they retracted it, possibly because of one of the bugs I filed, but probably not.

But at least I had something for my weekly report.

After work I spent about an hour at the nearest *$s, there was almost enough eye candy to make it worthwhile. While there I found some info on how to get rid of the obnoxious and way too loud AT&T boot-up sound on my phone.

Home, a quick stop at F&E for ground turkey, intending to make sloppy joes for dinner. Got home, was not hungry.

Decided to follow up on that research, which required getting root access to the phone, renaming a file. That was a longer process than it sounds, but less work than I thought it would be because the apps I needed were in the Google store, and mostly free.

Once rid of the sound, I wanted to change the logo from the death star. Found a couple of cute Android morion graphics and figured out how to get them into the right directory and give the right permissions.

Dinner was just some soft cheese and hard crackers, and lime soda.  Watched two TMZs and a South Park.

After dinner tweaked the logos on the phone (I'd named them backward - it's a 2-file suite).

In the mail was the expected extra property tax bill, but also an unexpected second bill which I was told was supposed to go to my escrow. First one is due in December, second one not till next April. Plenty of time to figure that out. Together they equal a month's park rent.

Plans for tomorrow:
Target, exchange Sodastream cartridges.
Maybe plant the three lemongrass stalks which have been growing roots in a jar of water on the kitchen table. That may require a trip to a nursery for dirt.
Maybe pull out the sage which is dying and replace it with catmints. Which also needs a trip to a nursery, probably summer winds because Lowe's doesn't carry them.
Refill the bird feeders
Totally ignore Convolution. One reason I had nothing booked for tomorrow is I was hoping to go to the con, but they have not been forthcoming with the day rate, and it took way too long for them to publish their program.

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