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While I was playing the last Ye Olde Towne Band concert of the year, at least three community theaters were having their final performances. And Convolution con was wrapping up as well. I don't like that so many theaters are on the same schedule, it makes it very hard to see the ones I want to see, and harder to decide if I want to be in one.

For winter, the groups have solved that for me by scheduling shows I don't want to be in.
Sunnyvalecast A Chorus Line months ago. Not a show I want to be in, especially knowing the production drama behind this one 
SBMT (Saratoga) cast Curtains months ago, and I don't do those general auditions because I don't like that commitment hanging over me. And people drop out, get ill, move away, etc. . I don't know much about the show but it's one I'd probably enjoy being in. They also have not chosen any production staff WTF? How can they cast without a director?
Palo Alto Players is auditioning Chinglish, not a musical so not interested
Lyric Theatre is not doing a winter show, but I've signed up to audition in November for the spring show, The Sound of Mucous
Santa Clara Players doesn't do musicals, so I passed on auditions. There's no part for me in The Importance of Being Earnest anyway.
Stanford Savoyards hasn't announced their winter show
Foothill College isn't doing a winter musical, and the stage play auditions are done.
Tabard is doing 10 10-minute plays. I was invited to audition but their performances are every night of the week, which I'm not able to do. And it's not a musical. They are doing The Immigrant as their winter musical, but it was cast a long time ago, and it's only 4 people.
Broadway West is on the wrong side of rush hour traffic, as is Stage 1 but neither are doing a winter musical anyway.
Los Altos Stage Company (formerly BusBarn) isn't doing a musical until spring, Urinetown is auditioning the week after SOM, I may send them a headshot/resume.

I think that about wraps it up. I could be mistaken.

It has been a while since there has been nothing I want to audition for.

Was playing the movie soundtrack for West Side Story, trying to decide whether to go across the Bay to see it. The woman playing Maria was in Little Shop, the director was in Brigadoon and I don't think either of them is up to the task. The choreographer directed/choreographed Brigadoon, and he can definitely do it if he gets guys who can dance, which is a daunting task in community theater. The score is extremely difficult to play, and community theater orchestras don't tend to be up to that level. Probably not going to see it, then.

After the concert we had a potluck, my Penang meatballs were not all gobbled up. Maybe 2/3 were. I should have poured out most of the liquid. Maybe even put them on a plate instead of in the crock pot. There were a lot of good main dishes this time, not a lot of desserts. No sodas, just beer, water and sparkling water. Sat at the far table, and was pleased to be joined by a lot of the misfits, including the very tall bass clarinet player who joined recently, and sits in front of me. And is not sporting any rings. But she has a teutonic accent, which is a wee bit off-putting for me.

After the potluck I came home, changed out of my band uniform, put the baritone and the music stand in the storage shed and went out onto the porch and admired the roses. Could started coming in, and it got windy, all the birds went bye bye.

Domino has a sore butt, and fell over a couple of times trying to tend to it. Her hind legs are not doing very well. Odd parallel universe anecdote, the baritone player who I think may be our oldest member, has been in a wheel chair for a couple of years, showed up with a pair of those crutches with the arm bands. He's not doing so well either. I suspect this may have been his last concert, he says the drugs make him not be able to read ahead in the music, and he was off a lot. Speaking of off, we had a strange thing happen during the concert. The conductor told us he would give us 2 measures instead of the usual one measure to start a tune, but the trumpet section, as usual, were too busy chatting among themselves and didn't get the clue, and came in a measure too soon. Screwed up the whole number. And it's a difficult one to play. After intermission, the director said he would probably turn to drinking if he took that problem home with him, so he had us play it again. This time he used the mike to announce the two-measure lead-in, and the trumpets came in at the right place. The drummer came in early, but it didn't mess us up. Other than that, it was an average concert. Pretty good for me, I grabbed the right mouthpiece for a change and was able to hit the high notes.

What else? I watched some of the sunday night football game, it was kind of dull, so I turned on the PC and burned a CD of my photos of the model from a couple of weeks ago, since she asked, and it will be in the mail to her. There are one or two shots which are portfolio-able, though she is not at all model material IMHO. Also re-did Janice's farm stay DVD, figured out a work-around using XnView to sort the images by EXIF date. Nero was able to take them in that order. And it also was able to add background music. Made 6 copies and printed them in my Epson. They have a pretty good/easy CD printer app.

Watched the latest Doctor Who episode. They have made this doctor way too scatterbrained and creepy now, but at least it is no longer a children's show. Some day soon they need to give me a reason to like this Doctor. They also haven't got the hang of the idea that even if your main character is a scatterbrain, your script doesn't have to be organized by throwing soggy storyboard bits at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Church of Monday Night Football. May go somewhere to watch.

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