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Decibels Are Ringing

Went to work this morning expecting the new air conditioner on the roof to be cooling the lab, and instead the front and back lab doors were open with industrial strength fans blowing air through. One of those doors is about 3 feet from my cubicle opening. Oddly enough, the cubicle area was decidedly cooler with more ventilation than ever. Tried to do some work, but it was way too noisy. Grabbed my cooler and hat, sent a quick note to the team, and drove home.

Worked from home all day, actually got some work done. One of the very few Good Things™ which the new company brought us was an easy to use, fairly fast, non-obstructive PN system, so I can log into the office and from there use my home PC apps to connect to everything. In the past, under Motorola and Google we had horrible VPN programs which required a fingerprint, retina scan, two passwords, a Secret Code and a stool sample to access. And then you were shut off from your home network, and had to do everything sloooooowly by remote desktop to your PC at the office.

Took advantage of being in the home neighborhood and went to lunch at a Greek place I have been meaning to try, across Matilda Ave. Turns out it is a clone of Athena Grill about a half mile from work, right down to the huge portions, blue and white checked tablecloths covered with a square of construction paper, and soggy mostly squash veggies and soggy baklava. The dolmathes were okay, they use meat in them which is a nice change. I was going to have lamb, but I had that last night.
Which reminds me, I totally forgot to write about yesterday.
Work started with a new build for the new product, but it was just fixing one thing from the previous build, so nothing I needed to work on. Morning meeting eats up an hour, which helped move the day along.

I sent a link around to my picnic photos.

Home, watched the first half of Monday Night Football, and then went to Murphy Street to find a place where I could have dinner and watch the 2nd half. Found a nice Irish pub, which has screens all over the place, but it took 5 minutes to find a place to sit where I had a full view of one of the big screens. Part of that was there were a lot of people there, mostly not watching the game, but mostly the screens had been mounted with no regard to the angle they would be viewed from. Finally compromised and took a seat toward the front, where the table under the biggest screen was occupied by a group of Indians who struck me as the low end of the social spectrum. I work with a lot of Indians, and have done for decades, most of them engineering grads or rich kids. Or both. The guys in the pub didn't look like they were at that level. Clean clothes would have helped.

Ordered garlic fries and Guinness Irish lamb stew. The fries were delivered with the oil on them still boiling. Giant slabs of potato, lots of garlic. Tasted great but it was enough for 4 people. The stew also arrived too hot to touch the bowl, which beats it being cold. There were a decent number of lamb chunks in there, but it was 80% potato, plus a scoop of mashed potato in the center (half the lamb was under that). Maybe half a stalk of celery and half a julienned carrot. Lots of gravy. Tasted great, and I wore some of the gravy home, but the bowl was still 3/4 full when I gave up on excavating anything I wanted to eat.

It was a long wait after the game was over to get my check, because the staff had settled down at a table in the back to  crank out more bundles of cutlery inside a napkin.

Home, spent a lot of time on Amazon. Bought CDs for three new-ish musicals, emailed an audition request to Los Altos Stage, went to eBay to price French Horns. Also went to Starving Musician, which only had way expensive professional ones. $1700 used vs. eBay's $300 student models. I need to sell my 3-valve baritone, and have the 1st valve fixed on the 4-valve one I use in band - it sticks, but only when I am playing, not when I simply exercise the valves.

Back to today. Watched an episode of The Shark Tank - glad to see it back on the air. Dinner was some creamed corn and the leftover Penang meatballs. My sinuses still feel them, though I made them relatively mild.  Should have cooked up a piece of roti, but was too lazy. Lots of melting strawberries got sliced up and thrown under chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot in Santa Clara not far from Costco.


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