Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of the Moon but I'm missing the eclipse

That cold is still hanging on. Just a scratchy throat and inflamed sinuses and the accompanying mild headache. And dry, tired eyes.

poked off the alarm and bedroom lights, slept another hour, which meant getting out of the house just in time to bring in the garbage can. Recycling truck had not arrived yet.

work at 9:45, plenty o time for 10 am boring as heck meeting in which we were told that 2 out of 3 projects are stalled.

The unit I had which thought it was out of memory was back to knowing it had 99% free. Magic. I went to thank the engineer I had asked to look into it for me, but he said it looked fine when he checked Friday night. I guess one of the files I deleted was guilty and didn't register until the machine was rebooted. Mystery. But I'll take it.

Nothing else to do, so I drilled down into each SNMP MIB one at a time and discovered that only two or three of the 15 loaded on the machine are needed. I'll have to file a bug on that.

Lunchtime, I had forgotten my Nexus, so nothing to read, so instead of a sit down lunch I went to Sprouts and looked at what they had and prices, and young women in spandex/stretch pants/short skirts (it was 90+° outside) because this is kind of a Whole Foods place. Bought some coconut water (house brand) and dark chocolate walnut clusters and took them back to the office. The coconut water was decidedly flavorless. No wonder it's half the price of all the other brands. The clusters were okay, except they were not clusters, just individual walnut pieces coated with slightly stale dark chocolate.

Home at 6, fought the urge to turn on the football game, because it's on Tivo, which means if I wait an hour, I can FF through the commercials and much of the annoying replays (they do 3 per play these days) and commentary. Washington fans are not very loud, so I didn't miss much muting the sound. Both teams played a sloppy game, fortunately Seattle got it together more times than the Indigenous People Skins.

I love their logo, I think it's classy, unlike Cleveland's baseball team's. I don't look at the name as racist. There is no intention of a negative connotation. Not like this redskin logo:

I really need to medicate and hit the sack. If I'm still feeling under the weather I may take the day off. And I'll probably miss the monthly songwriters' meetup. :-(

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