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Mister Eclectic

Done it again

Forgot to have dinner. Need to fix that as soon as I finish this.

The cold was still with me this morning, I almost emailed I was taking the day off, and then almost emailed in late, but a shower woke me up enough to get to the PO and pick up a registered package. It was a standard Thai Post Office parcel (kind of like our Priority Mail boxes) with Thai writing on the back. I could not figure out why someone would be sending me something registered mail from Thailand.

Out in the parking lot, I opened the parcel, but whatever was in it, two items, was packed too tightly to get out. I did not recognized the name on the return address/

Drove to work, took another stab at the package when I got parked. I was able to free one of the items. It was the Starbucks Phuket mug I'd bought on eBay a month ago. Probably would have arrived in half the time if they had not registered it. The other item would be the Bangkok mug. I didn't have enough hands, so I only brought the one inside, and added it to the collection on top of my overhead drawers.

There were a couple of bugs to chase at work, one took most of the day because I had to downdate the machine and set it up to force the error, then update it to see if the error went away. Each time needed a 10-minute gathering of the log file.

Also had a short exchange with the SNMP engineer about whether we really needed 14 files, when most devices just need two or three. He says we do.

Lunchtime I went to Starbucks, had one of their small expensive sandwiches and an iced tea, even though my cold was telling me hot mocha. Lots of nubile women in tight pants. Used their wi-fi and my tablet to change tonight's songwriter's meeting to a no-show, and add a comment that I wanted to share my music but not my cold.

As work went on, the cold faded more into the background. I am still singing lower notes than usual, and there's some sinus pressure, but no fever or headache or runny nose.

After work I went to the Target in Santa Clara which has been under construction for years, and opened at 4 o'clock this afternoon. It's huge. And well stocked. And they had a ton of helpers lined up in front of cashier alley offering to help, as if nobody had ever been in a Target before. So much eye candy in that line, as well as in the store. Its not far from Santa Clara U, probably a lot of the temporary help is from there. I actually needed something - a sewing kit. I'd ripped the pocket on a shirt a couple of days ago, and discovered a void where my sewing kit used to be. While I was there I also bought an L-style AC extension cord because this morning when I couldn't find Domino anywhere, on a hunch I raised the head of the bed back to where it is when I'm sleeping, and that freed her, but it also almost unplugged the bed frame motor because it's plugged in at the head of the bed using a standard plug.

And I got some house brand Excedrin because aspirin is the only thing which gets rid of my headaches, and the tylenol and caffeine probably helps too. Read the ingredients on the "migraine formula" and it's the same as the normal formula. Marketing lies.

Walked out to a huge bright full moon. The eclipse is happening around 3 am here, I'm not planning on getting up and outside for it. I would if I wasn't trying to put this cold away, because it is unseasonably warm at night this week, and there's a good view from the carport. And I've been meaning to try to 55-300 mm lens on it.

In other news, I've been looking at Nikon D800e cameras on eBay. They are full frame, so my lenses will work the same as if they were on a 35mm film camera, but the resolution is about 3x my D300S. If I can land one for $1700 I will.

Also bought a couple of books to give as engagement presents to a pair of basfa royalty. lemmozine has been sent some PayPal $$ for those.

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